International Pipe Smoking Day


This cartoon dates from 1961. It was found here, where the caption reads:

… note the sophisticated, pipe-smoking college man in a letter sweater.  Such folks would be extinct on college campuses by the end of the decade.

On this International Pipe Smoking Day, I salute you through a fog of Three Nuns. — CC

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  1. Haha, that cartoon is very funny, lol. I love watching the old smoking commercials on youtube, absolutely hilarious.

    I’m fortunate enough to have my grandfather’s pipe collection; most of them are still excellent pipes. I also have quite a variety of my own pipes I’ve purchased over the years; I smoke a little Big Ben nose warmer when I’m out in public.

    However, my favorite one was the cheapest and one I purchased on a whim, a peterson Seconds full bent I got in a little pipe shop New Orleans.

    I salute all of your threw a thin haze of my own mixture of Black Ribbon & Latakia. 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen anyone smoke a pipe in public since the days when you could buy a tin of Balkan Sobranie at Walgreen’s.

  3. I never developed the habit, but I love the smell of pipes and cigars.

  4. A.E.W. Mason | February 20, 2014 at 3:02 pm |

    And a happy IPSD to you, too.

    Do I understand the cartoon exchange properly? Is that fellow saying that all the men down at Trent favor pipe smokers? No, no . . . Wait, that didn’t come until later, right? And who is that stalker peeping through the window at Bruce and the girl?

    I’m a pipe smoker. And when I encounter the inevitable scold, I promptly pummel them with Horace Rumpole’s rejoinder: “No pleasure in life is worth sacrificing for an extra five years in the geriatric ward of the Sunshine Old Peoples Home in Weston-super-Mare.” If I live to be 60, in two years, I’m going to shorten it to: “F#*k off, weenie!”

  5. Like drinking alcohol, I really have to be in the mood to smoke a pipe. I do enjoy it on occasion, especially in the company of friends.

    I did see an Orthodox priest smoking a pipe in public not long ago. It made me rather nostalgic.

  6. While the guy might have morphed into one of the Freak Brothers in ’69, then into Captain Greed in the ’80s, the little sorority sis stayed just…exactly….the…same all through the ages.

  7. Katzenjammer | February 20, 2014 at 7:06 pm |

    “the little sorority sis stayed just…exactly….the…same all through the ages.”

    yep^, working hard to stroke his ego in order to manipulate him until he’s burning with all HER ambition; first to renounce his masculinity in the late 1960s and turn into a kind of androgynous freak; and then to adopt a kind of faux masculinity, something akin to a Gordon Gekko, in order make her a lot of money for her lifestyle in the 1980s. By the early 90s she had divorced him, and kept everything, including the children.

    Yep, she’s pretty much the same gal she always was. He still has that pipe though. Good times. LOL!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂

  8. Vern Trotter | February 20, 2014 at 8:12 pm |

    Peterson did make a very good pipe, one of the best. In Boston/Cambridge, one went to S.S. Pierce who would make you a custom blend tobacco of your own, to be kept in an airtight tin. You then kept an apple core in the tin to keep it moist. You rubbed a briar pipe against the side of your nose to give it a shine. Those wonderful wire fuzzy pipe cleaners had all sorts of other uses.

    I stopped smoking a pipe somewhere around 1970. It seemed to be too much trouble if you were married with small children but I enjoy running into a pipe smoker now and then.

    If you were in sales, you would eschew your pipe as well as a bow tie when around potential customers. They felt you were too elitist.

  9. I’ve built up a collection of about 35 pipes over the years. Peterson is a good pipe and I have several. I have several old Charatans as well as a recent model which I like very much. I read that Dunhill bought the Charatan name back in 2002. I have two very old Dunhills that were my father’s. They’re great pipes but they’re so very expensive today. Last time I looked at one in a Santa Monica pipe shop it was over $700. That’s just too much for me.

  10. I’ll take a good cigar……

  11. Smoking anything other than marjuana is now taboo. The idiots are in charge.

  12. I’ve smoked a pipe since I was 14 in 1966. My first pipe was a straight pear shape, with a pack of H&H tobacco, came to $1.75. Through the years, I bought many, still have 30-40, and now only smoke while playing golf. Years ago, a guy could smoke anywhere. My Dunhill tanshell cost around $35 when I bought it. A great pipe, only had to have a new bit installed once. One of my favorite pipes is a walnut Bing’s Favorite by Savinelli. The same type Kramer smokes on Seinfeld as Dr. Van Nostrum.

    I’ve found that corncobs smoke the best of all pipes. As I grow older, the old time drugstore burleys taste the best to me. I used to smoke the fancy brands in freehands back in the 1970’s. Still have a couple Ben Wades and Nordings. Now I find those big pipes too heavy.

    The everyday Kaywoodies used to be top quality. Now, the current lesser models are really pitiful.

    I can’t recall the last time I saw a man walking down the street smoking a pipe. Many people complemented me on the aroma back in the day. I didn’t considered myself ready for the day without a pipe, lighter, and leather tobacco pouch either on my person or in my brief case.

    Times change.

  13. I was a Yale undergrad in the early 60s, when students were there because of luck or pluck. The lucky ones, including myslef, were at Yale thanks to the ill-gotten gains of our grandfathers and/or the fact that our father was an alumnus. The plucky ones had actually made the high school grades and SAT scores that merited admission. Pipe smoking was as common as leather elbow patches on our tweed jackets–man of which had been Dad’s. We got our house brand pipes from the Owl Shop, until we graduated to Comoy, Sasieni, Barling, and Dunhill. Our preferred blend of tobacco, Harkness Tower, was also from the Owl Shop, the best pipe shop I ever saw anywhere. I smoked for 30 years, giving up the pipe in the early 90s. I have never regretted for a day the fact that I took up pipe smoking, nor will I deny the pleasure it gave me over the years. When I last visited New Haven, I couldn’t see one tweed jacket–not even on a professor, let alone an undergrad. In the early 60s we couldn’t have imagined that one day students would attend classes in sweatpants; even jeans would have been unthinkable. Those were good times.

  14. My apologies for the typos.


    Yale graduates did know how to spell in those days.

  15. Nicholas X. Correia | March 4, 2014 at 8:54 am |

    I used to smoke my pipes with my collegiate sweater all over campus. Unfortunately the University of California school system does not allow nicotine products of any kind on any given campus. So my school, University of California, Riverside no longer allows me to smoke my wonderful blends amongst the smell of citrus orchards and books. It’s a shame really, it’s my senior year and I can’t puff on my pipe…

  16. “the University of California school system does not allow nicotine products of any kind”

    The nannies have morphed into fascists. Is anyone surprised?

    I, too, enjoy the occasional pull on a pipe. I have most of my father’s collection; he picked up the habit in college, many moons ago. Since there’s almost nowhere to go when I feel like a smoke, I mainly keep to my yard. A nice pipe makes watering the yard go just that much more pleasantly.

    Thank you, Mr. Trotter, Mr. Mason, Wriggles, and Mr. Moran for sharing your memories.

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  18. The international pipe smoking day has been celebrated all over the world. It has become a good culture in many countries of the world.

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