Ralph Lauren’s fall collection just went up online and is full of the very items we’ve been discussing lately. OK, we haven’t been discussing three-piece suits lately, but we’ve got a piece on vests coming up soon.

But lo and behold, here’s the dignified hoodie!


And the swaggering polo coat, too dramatic for many of our readers:


That outfit actually looks like it could happen. Guy’s chillin’ at home (or school) and steps out for a coffee or something and throws on his polo coat over sweatpants and camp mocs.

The below outfit is a more contrived juxtaposition, but that’s what I love about these RL looks. Nothing to be copied verbatim, but check out the tartan jacket paired with turtleneck, red chinos, velvet slippers and crew socks:


Lastly, paint-splattered shoes. Hmm….


Also posting today is my latest piece for RL Magazine, a little primer on Chinese New Year. It’s the year of the horse, so expect to see ponies everywhere. — CC