Hoodies Beware: Revenge Of The College Sweater


We’ve featured Hillflint here at Ivy Style before, and yesterday the rising start-up got some far bigger publicity: a post at Town & Country entitled “The brand that’s making heritage collegiate gear cool again.”

Goes the story:

“We founded Hillflint three years ago, just after we graduated college, because we wanted to make something for our friends that would outlive all those souvenir tee-shirts,” the brands founders write on its website. “Just like our college years had become an indelible part of our identity, we wanted something that would be with us through all the years ahead—and maybe one day in the closet of a grandchild.”

The sweaters, offered in both merino wool and cotton, come in old school styles like vintage crewnecks, heritage v-necks, and shawl cardigans. They all look like they are straight out of the pages of T.Hayashida’s 1965 cult-classic book Take Ivy.

Kudos to Hillflint for bringing something back that was nearly forgotten. Maybe kids will realize pajama bottoms and flip-flops don’t exactly match their cool new sweaters. — CC

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  1. The beautiful photo above is from http://www.newenglandbelle.com, a lovely New England style/fashion blog that I follow. The Hillflint collection is nice! I fear that while they might not match pajama bottoms with flip flops, we may see them with leggings (which are not pants!) and Uggs ha! I do applaud the effort to bring back the old college wardrobe staples. Being a member of the crew team that practiced at 5 AM, I was definitely guilty of rolling into my 8 AMs my sweats, oops! #notverytandc

  2. The ladies’ shoes are all wrong here, but I’m willing to overlook it. Va-va-voom!

  3. … the awesome cachet of a Harvard School of Dental Medicine merino sweatshirt …

  4. @Paul

    If you’re overlooking, you’re gazing in the wrong direction.

  5. I have my grandfather’s 1939 Georgia class sweater. I had the sweater for a long time but the numbers were missing (no doubt he removed them after graduation to get more use out of it). The numbers were found by my uncle last year and I had them sewn back on. It inspired me to have one made for my own 1993 UGA graduation.

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