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Young Man/Old Man: J. Press And The York Street Collection

The concept of age was the recurring topic of conversation at the J. Press York Street presentation yesterday. Held at the Yale Club and in conjunction with New York Fashion Week, the event drew a surprisingly large crowd of fashion and media types likely more familiar with York Street’s creative directors — Ariel and Shimon

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“Lotsa Luck”: LL Bean To Go Global, Shed Stodgy New England Image

With its first-ever CEO from outside the family, LL Bean has a plan to boost its flat sales and aging demographic: shed its stodgy New England image and become an international brand. That includes tripling ad spending (a cost that will surely be passed down to the consumer), ads that feature greater ethnic diversity. The

Tied Together: Ivy Guys, Vassar Girls, and the College Scarf

Back in the heyday of the Ivy League Look, when a boy was going steady he’d remove the locker loop on the back of his oxford-cloth buttondown, signalling to other females that he was spoken for. And how did a female student signal she was taken? By wearing her boyfriend’s college scarf. The practice was

When A Prepster Moves

Ex-Squeeze-Me, Sir, Can You Tell Me How To Get To J. Press?

“Excuse me, sir,” tradly dressed locals are likely to hear from visitors to New York. “Can you tell me how to get to J. Press?” Now those of us who’ve been singled-out for directions because of such clues as our 3/2 button stances, collar rolls and hook vents can gladly answer, “Why yes, it’s on

Get Inside JFK’s Shorts

Price Is Right

Night Of The Ivy Zombies

Given the tense national climate due to the current presidential administration, The Intercollegiate Committee For Admissible Halloween Costumes has been especially strict this year. Few getups have been deemed “acceptable” to wear on campus properties, and so, according to reports, here are the costumes you’re most likely to see at American universities for Halloween 2017.

The Last Man On Earth Wears Ivy League

Can the sack suit surivive? Well in one cinematic tale — which was made during the Ivy heyday — it’s the last garment mankind will wear in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. It wouldn’t be Halloween without a shot of Vincent Price, and below you’ll find the full version of his 1964 movie “The

Preppies Vs. Hippies: The Ivy League Guidebook, 1969

In 1969, when the Ivy League was shedding Weejuns and growing sideburns at an alarming rate, three students — Andrew Tobias, Arnold Bortz and Caspar Weinberg — published “The Ivy League Guidebook.” Exactly as its title would suggest, the book is aimed at incoming freshman and devotes a chapter to each school, plus general sections

Khakis, Chuck Taylors, And Cashmere Socks

Here’s another interesting image posted to Ivy’s Facebook group. The year is 1969, and you can try and guess the subject, who is directing a film (a task he is not chiefly remembered for). He is reportedly wearing his casual uniform, which consisted of khakis, Chuck Taylor canvas sneakers, and — because he’s a bit

‘Tis The Season — For Skulls And Bones