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Allen Edmonds’ Rediscover America Sale — Biggest Of The Year

Allen Edmonds is celebrating its Rediscover America Sale, which features its biggest discounts of the year. Many of AE’s bestselling dress and casual shoe styles, such as the Fifth Avenue cap-toe and McAllister wingtip, feature savings of up to $150. There are also special discounts on all Allen Edmonds branded shoes, belts, apparel, and accessories in

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From The Archives

Vintage Campus, Upgrading American Colleges One Sweater At A Time

Of the infinite cultural things that could stand as shorthand for the victory of the lowest-common-denominator across middle-class American culture, one of my favorites is the attire worn for the “Jeopardy!” college tournament. Whether from the most elite and expensive college or a big state school (yes, I’m a living example that sometimes smart guys,

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Can They Keep A Secret?

Hef vs. WFB: The Playboy Philosophy In The Firing Line

To The Penthouse In The Sky: Hugh Hefner, 1926-2017

Hugh Hefner, who once hosted a TV show called “Playboy’s Penthouse” in which he talked about Ivy League suits before becoming a full-time pajama wearer, has died at the age of 91. He will be remembered for many things, chief among them the association of pipesmoking with promiscuity. Here are Ivy Style’s posts on Hefner

Back From The Living

Golden Years: New Haven, Home of the Ivy League Look

In 1954, LIFE Magazine declared New Haven the home of the Ivy League Look, writing “Sometimes regarded as more of a club than a clothes shop, J. Press is delighted rather than dismayed that its look is now capturing the country.” Though it is closely associated with Old Blue, J. Press was hardly the only

Boyer on Langrock, Princeton’s Legendary Campus Shop

When I was an undergraduate at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, there was a wonderful campus shop on Main Street called Tom Bass. It served three colleges and a university (Moravian, Muhlenberg, Lafayette and Lehigh University), and it stocked many of the iconic Ivy League labels: suits by Southwick, buttondowns by Gant and Sero, Pringle

How Ivy Is It To Talk Ivy?

Not long ago I had a conversation with a friend who is a fellow clothes lover. His style is something I would describe as excessively patterned but casual and nonchalant. He cherishes elements of the Ivy League Look but mixes in pieces of this or that as he fancies. We were discussing whether Ivy Style is

Brooks Invokes Ivy And Prep

Funny how everything’s turned upside-down, as I argued in the “50th Anniversary Of Slob Nation” essay. Back during the Heyday, Brooks Brothers never had to invoke the terms “Ivy League” or “preppy” — in fact company executives often abhorred the terms — for a very simple reason: Brooks had crafted its signature style long before

Dateline 1967: The 50th Anniversary Of Slob Nation

This summer G. Bruce Boyer published a lengthy think piece in the magazine First Things called “Dress Up: What We Lost In The Casual Revolution.” I’ve only neglected sharing it here in a post as Bruce and I have brainstormed about recording a discussion about its main themes. Astute readers will recall that I’ve mentioned

Countdown To Overcoat Season

Golden Years: Yielding Not To Misfortune

My four years at Loomis (now Loomis Chaffee) were adolescent days of wine and roses, but lurking behind the bush was six degrees of separation. Our Glee Club concert at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in the middle of a gritty black Hartford ghetto was a long six miles away from the lush Loomis campus down