Black History Month: The Quiet Sartorial Grace Of Julian Bond

Things aren’t always what they seem. Activists don’t always dress like paramilitary revolutionaries, and those clad in traditional clothing aren’t always so traditional. As part of our Black History Month coverage, Ivy Style presents a gallery of images of Civil Rights icon Julian Bond, who attended Morehouse smack in the middle of the Ivy heyday,

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Raise The Bar With Sir Jack’s

If your bar needs freshening up — not with more potent potables, but fine accessories — look no further than Sir Jack’s. This longtime, loyal sponsor of Ivy Style has everything the modern gentleman, including ox horn tumblers, sterling cocktail shakers, and even a vintage porthole-styled wine cooler. Check out the full collection here.

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From The Archives

The Bucks Stop Here

It’s Labor Day, the end of summer, and the last day to wear white bucks. Unless, of course, you’re Pat Boone, whose perennial collection is seen here in 1959.

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Bean Gives Unlimited Return Policy The Boot

I actually had no idea how generous LL Bean has been for the past century with its return, exchange and replacement policy. It took our Millennial Fogey to explain that for a certain kind of consumer, a one-time purchase was a lifetime guarantee of replacements. New England kids would even source old Bean Boots and

Yesterday & Tomorrow: Vintage Allen Edmonds Short Film

Slowly recovering here at Ivy Style HQ, thank you. And so here’s a space-age shortie by Allen Edmonds called “The Shoe Of Tomorrow,” from the late ’40s or early ’50s. The future sure ain’t what it used to be. — CC

The Man Of ’52

Hey guys, flu got me. First time at my desk in 48 hours. Chew on this for a bit, courtesy of commentariat member Carmelo. — CC

Black History Month: Stanley Turrentine

Stanley Turrentine, the Pittsburgh-born tenor saxophonist known for a big soulful sound, lyrical delivery and erudite harmonic sense, was one of the few jazz instrumentalists to have crossover success as a popular artist. Known to play his black-lacquered Selmer tenor saxophone while his R&B star was in the ascendant, Turrentine’s sartorial presentation was always elegant

An Almost Mystical Presence: Charlie Davidson On Chet Baker

This 2012 piece for The Rake features quotes from The Andover Shop’s Charlie Davidson.  * * * Passive Form: Don’t be fooled by those pulse-slowing tunes: self-destructive jazz prodigy Chet Baker — the most stylish man ever to not give a hoot about clothing — was a man of sheer, energetic brass By Christian Chensvold

I’m Here For You, Brother

Today I have a special message on what is a for me a dubiously special day. Exactly one year ago today a traumatic disruption fell into my life like a meteor. Although in retrospect it was a fairly small stone, at the time it was more than enough to shatter my world. I eventually realized that

Putting The “nasty” In Dynasty

Politics is a dirty business, and people on Twitter can be nasty. Last night, after the State Of The Union address by President @#$%!&, the Democratic response came from a member of one of America’s greatest dynasties: Joe Kennedy III. Reaction on social media to this Kennedy kin was less than kind, and even major

Dateline 1964: Sloppy Dress, New Morality

Next up in our series of heyday-era reports from The Daily Princetonian is this piece called “Out of class, sloppy dress and a new morality,” also from 1964. It includes a topic dear to my own heart — or rather feet — namely the breakdown of social dancing, after centuries of waltzes, country reels, minuets,

The New Ivy League Look, 1964

Richard Press’ event at the New York J. Press store on Wednesday was a delight. Photos and yes even video was taken, so stay tuned and I’ll post it just as soon as it’s ready. In the meantime, one of the gentlemen who came up to me to introduce himself was a Princeton student who