Holiday Jeer

As you break out the tartan jacket and red socks to hit the holiday party circuit, take a tip from Tony Randall and watch out for these fellow guests.

In 1957 Randall did a photo shoot in which he portrayed various pests typically encountered at cocktail parties. Pictured above is The Jokester, who amuses himself by pouring beer in people’s martinis. Below is The Non-Drinker, who puts a damper on the conviviality by imbibing milk:

Finally we have that most dreaded party pest: The Trad. Consider yourself warned. — CC

6 Comments on "Holiday Jeer"

  1. Great pictures. Thanks for posting.

  2. Better lock up the booze and turn off the hi-fi, otherwise that Harvard kid will never leave.

  3. This is brilliant! Thanks for posting!

  4. Unless my memory fails me, Tony Randall used to appear in public
    on TV 99% of the time in a navy blazer and gray flannels.

    Once, on the Johnny Carson Show, Johnny asked him if he didn’t have any other jacket and trousers. Tony replied with something like: “Yes, at home I’ve got a wardrobe full of 50 more navy blazers and 50 more pairs of gray flannel trousers”.

    Does anybody else remember this?

  5. Trad itself, a target of ridicule now, at this ite.

  6. Laughed myself silly when I got to that third photo. Party pest, indeed. Great post.

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