7 Comments on "High Note: New York City Opera’s George Steel"

  1. I think the shoes are a nice touch. Scuffed and marked with just the right bit of attitude that belies the plainness of the outfit, otherwise.

    Also it looks like he’s wearing a NATO strap…

  2. Christian, did you really think the General Manager & Artistic Director of a Major NYC Cultural Institution would dress like it’s date night in Williamsburg? I’m surprised at you!

  3. That’s quite a stretch from my saying that most in the arts aren’t trad to date night in Williamsburg.

    Exhibit A: Steel’s counterpart: Peter Gelb of the Metropolitan Opera:


  4. Glasses like George Will, perhaps. But probably less of a tool and possessing a finer mind.

  5. In case any of you weren’t sure, yes that last comment came from San Francisco.

  6. And, with his denim flair, giving our man Gagan a run for his money…or not.


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