Golden Years: Portrait Of The Columnist

Richard Press, looking every bit the dapper sage and witty columnist, shot by Rose Callahan for her “Dandy Portraits” series.

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  1. Rose Callahan’s “Dandy Portraits” is well worth a look, lots of fun. Besides the great portrait of the venerable Mr. Press, there is one of Christian and a few of Mr. Boyer, also the FIT show. Question for Mr. Boyer, is your satchel a Gurka or a D-Burk?

  2. I had a bad haircut for my photo…

  3. You were sitting in a bar, looking like you hadn’t started yet. A bad haircut is no reason to drink, maybe a wedding , a wake or being married to that whore I….., but not a haircut.

  4. Rose is supposed to come shoot me again in my apartment.

    She’s also hosting an event at the terrific Arts Club this Friday. Won’t be many trads there, I suspect, but I’ll have my camera with me.

  5. what MAC says, Dandy looks like a cool site

  6. Rose is talented, no doubt.

  7. Michael Mattis | October 2, 2012 at 2:50 pm |

    “Rose is supposed to come shoot me again in my apartment.”

    Another game if William Tell?

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