Girl School: The Vintage Seven Sisters Tumblr

If you’ve got a thing for WASPy mid-century gals in loafers and knee socks, check out the tumblr Vintage Seven Sisters. While many of the images are from the 19th century, some depict modern girls audacious (or foolish) enough to be photographed while smoking.

Anybody recognize the album cover? — CC

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  1. This is the LP.

    Tchaikovsky Swan Lake
    RCA LP: LM1003
    Release Date: 1950
    St. Louis Orchestra
    Conducted by Vladimir Golschmann

  2. What is the article the girl on the right is reading?

  3. is that Hepburn as the greek goddess?

  4. Good find Christian, Hillary, Streep, Hepburn, Kennedy and Child among few others well known gals. The cold weather gear reminds me of a hard cover LL Bean catalog from early last century. Lastly, let us not forget the excellent taste exhibited by the girl’s choice of a Triumph.

  5. @M. Arthur

    I’m sure the folks at DHS or NSA could identify it.

  6. for a moment i thought i saw my mother!

    @mac – i was just doing some research on vintage ll bean covers , a few years ago they reshot some covers using live models

  7. elder prep | July 11, 2021 at 4:59 pm |

    Of interest is how popular archery and theatrics were at women’s colleges.

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