This week is menswear market week in New York, and so I headed over to the Warwick Hotel for the CTDA’s Designer Forum show. Here are some highlights.

Collared Greens has expanded its collection to belts (above), which are made in conjuntion with Leather Man. Below is a shot of their colorful reps ties:

I soon noticed a rack full of shaggy Shetlands. It was Scotland’s Laurence Odie Knitwear. Chatting with the sales rep revealed that the company makes the Shaggy Dog sweaters for J. Press, as well as the brushed Shetlands for The Andover Shop and O’Connell’s flat-finish Shetlands. The company can make them in 150 colors, or basically a different one for every day of fall and winter. Now that would be a sweater collection.

Next up, ties from Richmond, VA-based Peter Blair. The tie in the center is for Hampden-Sydney; the one on the left was made for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and features lines of bras. The one on the right is for the Commonwealth Club and features the initials CC in a crest. Kinda thinking about that for myself.

The Belted Cow is headquarted in Yarmouth, Maine. Its US-made emblematic belts are priced at only $45.

Edward Armah makes a cool adjustable bow tie that can be worn four different ways. His latest invention is a “pocket circle” instead of a pocket square:

The circle takes the hassle out of elaborate folds. All you do is lay it flat, pinch the center, pull it through your fingers and stuff it in. The circular shape natural creates a ruffled look showing the trimmed edge. The circles are sold at Neiman Marcus for $65 or are available from Armah’s website.

Here are Bird Dog Bay‘s printed bow ties:

The latest bows from R. Hanauer feature contrast patterns:

I thought I’d caught Larry from The Andover Shop inspecting a new patchwork fabric — perhaps for window dressing. In fact it’s a giant swatch showing individual tie patterns.

One of Pennington & Bailes‘ newest belts is this one made of English bridle leather with removable hoof pick for dislodging rocks from your horse’s hooves:

Bruce Boyer was there, clad in bespoke flannels, a 3/2 roll sportcoat with turnback cuffs, and a buttondown collar he absent-mindedly forgot to button. He’s at that age.

Bruce and I are finishing up a book proposal we’re getting ready to pitch. We excitedly shared it over lunch with tailors Chris Despos of Chicago and Gian De Caro of Seattle, who were debating shoulders and didn’t really pay attention. — CC