Born In The USA: Allen Edmonds’ Patriot Penny Loafer

Last month Allen Edmonds released a new penny loafer called the Patriot. Says the company, “A faithful interpretation of this timeless design, the Patriot honors our legacy of craftsmanship and classic American style like no other shoe on the market.”

AE designed a new last, called the 606, for the Patriot, which is “roomier in the forefoot but also featuring our trademark narrow heel (perfect for those who forego socks), this last has helped us create our best-fitting penny loafer ever. The consummate country club shoe, the Patriot is sure to become our next American classic.”

Here are more of the specs, on the Patriot, which is priced at $335:

• Moc-toe penny loafer with hand stitch vamp
• Lined premium custom and burnished calfskin leather
• Single oak leather sole with V-tread top lift
• 360 degree Goodyear welted construction
• This shoe is eligible for our full Recrafting service
• Proudly made in the USA at our Port Washington, Wisconsin factory
• This shoe style is also available with our V-tread Tap Sole or in Genuine Horween® Shell Cordovan

The Patriot is currently available in brown and black, with cordovan options coming soon. — CC

14 Comments on "Born In The USA: Allen Edmonds’ Patriot Penny Loafer"

  1. They do make a nice product. I have some of their older loafers and have resoled them multiple times.

  2. Looks comfy. Clean lines. Very country club indeed!

  3. a slightly smoother-looking copy of the alden leisure handsewn moccasin for about $140 less. nice!

    now, when are they going to bring back their white bucks (“orleans”)?

  4. I picked a pair of the brown Patriots and they fit perfectly. Allen Edmonds nailed it with this penny loafer.

  5. ….silly name for a loafer (or a Jeep)….but they look nice.

  6. How do they compare to the Waldens? Will the Patriot replace them in the Ivy wardrobe?

    ” Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”
    Samuel Johnson

  7. $40 less than their Dalton boot. I had no idea the Dalton was such a good deal.

  8. Reactionary Trad | October 15, 2012 at 7:14 pm |

    Too dressy. Give me a pair of Weejuns any day of the week.

  9. R Trad
    I agree, Weejun. These are great shoes, but if I’m going for a more refined look, I’m going for the Alden dress penny.

  10. But the modern Weejun is a piece of junk! The dye job is horrible. I can’t speak to how well they last, as I won’t buy a pair, because they look so awful.

    On the other hand, I have a pair of American-made Weejuns, and they still look good, even after multiple new heels and a new sole.

    If I didn’t have my “vintage” Weejuns, I’d be taking a look at these.

  11. Reactionary Trad | October 16, 2012 at 7:21 am |


    Good shoe cream and polish can make modern Weejuns quite acceptable.

  12. For someone whose username is reactionary, that’s an unbelievable thing to say. The current Weejun’s molecular structure is just a few atoms short of plastic, and no amount of cream and polish will change its DNA.

  13. Plus, you have to strip off that hideous shellac, and that can have unfortunate results.

  14. Been a while since I visited here or left a comment. Looking at these loafers brings to mind the Weejun from its heyday, long before it was ruined and became the plasticy mess it is today. I am going to get myself a pair of these loafers, Sir!


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