I’d been planning a post on pipes for some time when I realized I’d already written one.

So I scrapped the idea, but when the Yale Co-op piece went up this week, mentioning The Owl Shop, the tobacconist serving the Yale community, I decided to revisit the idea. Looks like we have enough for another puff piece after all.

Coincidentally I’d recently picked up an Owl Shop “estate” pipe after learning that some of them were made by Dunhill. Great value if you can find one on eBay stamped “Made in London.” Below is the one I grabbed. It’s too short (I like pipes long and lean, like me). Smokes great; email me if you’re interested in it.

Frequent comment-leaver and one-time contributor Old School soon dug up a 1962 Owl Shop catalog:

Keeping with the pipes-and-college them, the brand Kaywoodie used to sell an entry-level pipe aimed at students called the Campus. Here’s a store display whose selling point is that the pipe “accents the male look”:

Next up, new photos of the 1959 pipe contest have been added to the LIFE archives:

Apparel Arts campus image from the ’30s or ’40s:

Pipesmoking was once so popular that virtually any major men’s retailer offered them. I’ve had pipes by Brooks Brothers and Abercrombie & Fitch. They were good wood, but had annoying gimmicks like metal screw-in stems. Not pleasant to draw smoke over hot metal.

Here’s a pipe by LL Bean:

Our parting shot is a work of art by Denmark’s Peter Stokebbye: