High Note: New York City Opera’s George Steel

Men who work in the arts generally aren’t known for sartorial conservatism. That’s why this photo of George Steel, general manager and artistic director of New York City Opera, caught my eye in a recent issue of the New York Times.

Kinda reminds me of George Will. — CC

Photo by Chester Higgins, Jr. for the New York Times

7 Comments on "High Note: New York City Opera’s George Steel"

  1. I think the shoes are a nice touch. Scuffed and marked with just the right bit of attitude that belies the plainness of the outfit, otherwise.

    Also it looks like he’s wearing a NATO strap…

  2. Christian, did you really think the General Manager & Artistic Director of a Major NYC Cultural Institution would dress like it’s date night in Williamsburg? I’m surprised at you!

  3. That’s quite a stretch from my saying that most in the arts aren’t trad to date night in Williamsburg.

    Exhibit A: Steel’s counterpart: Peter Gelb of the Metropolitan Opera:


  4. Glasses like George Will, perhaps. But probably less of a tool and possessing a finer mind.

  5. In case any of you weren’t sure, yes that last comment came from San Francisco.

  6. And, with his denim flair, giving our man Gagan a run for his money…or not.


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