Gleneagles, Hunter Boots, Barbour, and Food & Beverage from Member Maura McMahon

Maura McMahon, Food & Beverage authority, Ivy connoisseur, and occasional columnist for Ivy Style.


It was fun on the Ivy Style Facebook page in honor of St. Andrew’s day and celebrating the tartans and kilts from Scottish culture that have influenced Ivy styles (with dignity, honor and distinction that -our conversations realized- does not appropriate the Scots). All of that hoopla inspired me to share some big news from my favorite Scottish client, Gleneagles in Perthshire. This elegant resort hotel set in 840 lush acres is in a category of its own in terms of Ivy Hospitality. To make it easier to pack for the Highlands, they offer a guest loaner program to ensure you are properly outfitted for the outdoor pursuits for which they are so known. This includes a wide selection of Barbour waterproof jackets in every size (including children’s sizes) that are available for you to wear complimentary during your stay. They also loan Hunter boots (“Wellies”) in all sizes for the variable weather conditions. Of course, their Equestrian Center has a marvelous shop if you fall in love with Barbour (you will) and want to purchase some wardrobe additions for permanent use.
Certainly, leisure in Scotland is only complete with golf and Gleneagles offers three courses. The King’s and Queen’s Courses celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2019, and those aren’t just cutesy names they toss around, the Royals frequent the Gleneagles. Will & Kate were there not long ago for a celebration, but Bing Crosby and Sir Sean Connery have also played these courses and all of the above are royal to this American. As part of the centenary celebration of the courses which were built with a horse, a cart and the design of James Braid, all members experienced play with a full hickory set of clubs and dressed in period attire. Which brings me to the news I am sharing with you today- I would buy whiskey from gentlemen dressed liked this:



EDITOR’S NOTE: Of course the clothes but can we all agree that the Four-Clubs-In-A-Bag deal is fantasy? When I was learning I was forced to do that, carry a Wood (can’t be my Driver), Putter, 3-Iron (Thor’s Hammer, my 3-Iron, for some reason I can hit a 3 -Iron like Stephen Curry hits 3-Pointers) and a 9-Iron (no wedge). It was annoying and pointless because my Wedge and I took six months to get to know each other that we wouldn’t have had to if I had just spent time with her in the beginning. – JB
In September of this year, Gleneagles announced a collaboration with Glenturret creating their very own bespoke whiskey. Established in 1763, Glenturret is lauded as the “oldest working distillery” in Scotland and happens to be just down the road from the famed resort. My neighbors and I never cooperated enough to create a single-malt scotch but I am glad these two neighbors did. Described as embodying “exceptional quality and unstuffy luxury,” this limited hand-numbered edition will make only 750 bottles per year, over the next five years. Aged eleven years already, it is said to land on your palate with, “sweet tasting notes of toffee, cinnamon and vanilla alongside aromatic flavours of dark spice, rich fruit cake and warm ginger, reminiscent of fireside evenings at Gleneagles.” I thought that it sounded like just the thing readers of this site might like to sip now that winter is descending and the cozy holiday times have begun but if you prefer to jump the puddle and enjoy it in its natural environment, Gleneagles has a whiskey bar called The Blue Bar which offers a wide selection of Cuban cigars to pair with whatever is in your snifter around the circular firepit (they offer thick throw blankets for your lap to keep it snuggly). Blue is so named as an opulent showcase for Johnnie Walker Blue label if you didn’t already guess. When you are there, you can purchase a bottle to bring back for me at their whiskey boutique called The Still Room which sells over 200 rare and independent labels of liquid gold.
Shameless Product Shot but it is pretty. – JB
Gleneagles web site is great for more information. There is also a terrific article there spotlighting a Gleneagles club member about Men’s Mental Health for International Men’s Day which was in November. Andy’s Man Club meets weekly at Gleneagles with complimentary beverages and why isn’t that something else we can import/appropriate from abroad?


 – Maura McMahon
Maura is a seasoned hospitality professional who understands that what separates food from cuisine is that the latter includes careful consideration of tradition, culture and innovation that respects both. She suspects that there is Ivy style in food & beverage that you can taste.

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  1. Sounds like a truly perfect experience–and whisky!!

  2. Evan Everhart | December 10, 2021 at 11:43 am |

    What a wonderful article! Its a shame that I lost my old set of clubs when I moved from my place in Sherman Oaks into my Grandfather’s house. I still suspect that this fellow who helped in the move absconded with them….. They were a nice set from the 60s that my neighbor gave to me when his daughter gifted him a new set on retirement. I will say, regarding the image of the two golfers above, that it is a dreadful shame that their garments dont fit better…. Too long in the coat, loose in the chest, not fitted in the sleeve, and their plus fours were so loose at the knee that they hung down their legs as shapeless bags instead of as elegantly draped and shaped garments. Ive not had breeches of that sort since I was a child, but Ive got my eye on a pair from my Friend Benny…. Anyway. This was a charming bit of travel journalism. Im intrigued! I also agree that Id be more prone to procure my Scotch from a man in either a kilt, or country tweeds… Or preferably both.

  3. I had the pleasure of playing the Centenary course there the week before the 2014 Ryder Cup match. My wife and I also enjoyed a morning of falconry. Our stay at Gleneagles was a wonderful way to finish out two perfect weeks touring in Scotland.

  4. What a place! I am trying to imagine the taste of that whisky, and what it would be like to play a round limited to just four clubs. (My game is so inconsistent it probably wouldn’t make a meaningful difference.) I, too, would buy whisky from fellows dressed like that. @Evan Everhart, agreed on the fits, but I’m trying to imagine swinging golf clubs in tailoring and it might need to be a bit loose. Can’t account for the baggy breeches though..
    Delightful post. It’s nice to hear more from Maura McMahon.

  5. Finally, some gentlemen wearing loose clothing, rather than clothing that is at least one size, maybe two sizes too tight–too often the case.

  6. I have argued for years you only need four clubs to play a round!

  7. So glad this look at Ivy Hospitality was well received. I am thinking The Greenbrier next and Dorothy Draper’s interior design which pours over everything there. She was regarded the most influential tastemaker in America at the time. Will unpack the Ivy there, in sense of place and on the plate. Cheers!

  8. Thank you for this, including “My neighbors and I never cooperated enough to create a single-malt scotch but I am glad these two neighbors did.” Well said.

    I’ve been enjoying Oban Distillers Edition — while sitting by the backyard fire pit.

    Three cheers for Anglophilia. Just ordered some yardage of 22 oz. Hardy-Minnis flannel (serge) for a December-February “In The Bleak Midwinter” blazer. Life is good.

  9. * Amendment: 23 oz.

  10. Bluchermoc,

    I agree. Three clubs and a putter. Three iron, seven iron, 60 degree wedge and a putter. Speed Golf baby.


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