Young Pup: York Street Fall Preview


As mentioned in the last post, on Friday I attended a preview of the fall collection by York Street, the youthful line by J. Press. Here are some items, along with a few atmospheric store shots with current items and memorabilia, to succour J. Press fans anxiously awaiting a new Manhattan retail location.

First off, my favorite item. This understated madras jacket is actually part of a suit (!), which would cancel out the understatement:


Fun shirt and white sportcoat, not in “crash linen,” but cotton:


Fit to be tied:


Moving on to fall, a Black Watch Baracuta jacket:


Black Watch sportcoat:


Some wool ties, not too skinny:


A Shaggy dog with Fair Isle sleeves and varsity-style striping at neck and cuffs:


Fair Isle sweater turned inside-out:


Shaggy Dog in fire-engine red, the color you see (usually on a vest, and on someone like Tony Randall) in all those ’50s/’60s swingin’ bachelor movies:


Reps and reading material


The Big Three:


Should this be captioned “sign of the times”? — CC


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  1. Do you review/profile this stuff because you like it? 99% of this junk is consistently terrible….

  2. Christian | June 30, 2014 at 2:59 pm |

    As I’ve done for nearly six years and 1,000 posts, I work the PITA beat and bring you the news. Each reader will decide for himself whether the news is good or bad.

  3. They’ve got work to do to keep up with Brooks Brothers Red Fleece collection, which is significantly cheaper and perpetually on sale.

    I know the fogeys around here are no fans of either, but for younger people the relatively cheaper cost combined with more contemporary styling is appreciated. There aren’t enough of us, though, to float a brand.

  4. I don’t have a problem with any of it, except the fair Isle sweaters. Insideout? Varsity stripe?

    To qualify, I have no idea concerning quality of materials or construction or fit.

  5. A tiny step in the right direction (maybe?) for the younger generation? Ever so slightly?

  6. I actually don’t mind most of this (save the brutal fair isle and the madras suit). CC, did the Ovadia’s do this line, or was it post-departure?

  7. @AEV – 99%? That’s a pretty high number and one, I’m assuming, you came up with simply bc it’s “York St”. I understand their stuff is styled quite silly but it appears some of this presented here may be acceptable. I myself do not know of its quality for its price but do you?

  8. The jackets are a bit longer so they almost look like men’s now! Progress. I find myself confused as to how a white cotton jacket and short-sleeved fun shirt, not to mention madras, can exist in a fall collection alongside heavy woolen sweaters and whatnot. Though that’s only one of many of York Street’s confusions.

  9. A mixed bag here.
    The ties are very goods,and so the sweaters.
    The rest is ugly.

  10. I like the look of both Black Watch items. I haven’t seen that in a Baracuta jacket and the sports jacket appears to have a slightly subdued pattern. If I lived near the store I would check them out.

  11. I’ll take a rep tie…..

  12. It looks like they lowered the button stance and lengthened the jacket skirts. Not bad.

  13. Sweaters still made in Scotland?

    Anything else not made in “the big three” (China, India, Bangladesh)?

  14. @anon –

    Many of the sweaters from previous seasons were made in China – can’t speak to these. But, anyone who buys a wool/”Shetland” crewneck sweater – most likely not made in Scotland – for $200.00+ is an idiot. There are numerous places a real Shetland – or at least a high quality wool crewneck – can be had for far less than that….

    A gray madras-ish suit? No thanks. Short sleeve, pastel oxford/seersucker ‘fun shirt’? Spill in aisle 6; no thanks. Black watch plaid blazer? Nope. A sweater with a striped neck, fair isle sleeves and a solid body. Ha ha – no. An inside out fair isle (v neck to boot): no thank you. Skinny wool ties (for, I’m guessing, north of $100.00) – nope. Basic, blah repp/bow ties for $100.00? C’mon.

    On second look, the topcoat looks ok….but, again, I’m guessing it’s overpriced and not made well. So, yes, 99% of this is terrible…especially since a stroll around their store or their Web site reveals even more hideous stuff than CC profiled here….this is the least offensive stuff…and it’s still really bad.

  15. Not too bad, considering what’s come before. Love the white sportcoat. Had a white linen one back in the 80’s that was worn a blue oxford buttondown, burgundy/navy/grey/pink/medium blue-paisley BB’s tie, grey tropical wool pants, and burgundy Weejun penny’s or Weejun tassels.
    Loved the look. Never been able to find another jacket like it that I would buy.

  16. @Jim – you can’t find a white cotton or linen blazer you would buy? Brooks Bros. makes one in it’s Regent, Madison, and Fitzgerald fits. RL sells one in it’s Polo and Black Label lines. Ditto on J. Crew.

  17. Thanks AEV for the info. I almost bought one from BB’s a few years back, but didn’t. When I finally decided to, they were all sold out in my size.
    Periodically check BB’s site, as I have a charge account with them, but I haven’t seen one of there for a few years now.
    I must be overlooking it somehow, but will check again with BB’s and the others out you provided above.
    Thanks again!
    P.S. Anyone here on Ivy Style have any old London Fog and/or Peter’s by Reeves golf jackets, in a size 44, good condition, that you might want to sell?

  18. @Jim – there appears to be at least two on eBay right now for under $30….

  19. Thanks again AEV, for more follow up advice here.
    I’ll check them out!

  20. I’ve been reading Ivy Style for sometime and I find it quite interesting. I’m probably a little longer in the tooth than most of you. My first pair of shell cordovans cost $35. But I’m still a regular at Brooks and O’connell’s. I’m from Texas,specifically San Antonio, home of the 5 time NBA Champions. Christian, keep up the good work. Long live Trad.

  21. @aev- for your money cashmere or Shetland? Where do you like to shop?

  22. @MWB: Both – Cashmere for spring/fall, Shetland for colder months. Last cashmere I bought was a RL blue label cable crewneck from the outlet. Last true Shetland I bought was from O’Connell’s dead stock selection…..

    I’ve had both for years…..still going strong.

  23. I can’t get past the neon green light up bow tie in the first pic.

  24. Joe Tradly | July 11, 2014 at 8:29 pm |

    Darts in the madras suit jacket? (I assume the parts were not sold separately?)

    And the sign was an historic piece?


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