With A Little Bit Of Luck

With a little bit of luck — as the song goes — the year is off to a good start, all things considered, and you’re feeling flush. Congrats, and your good fortune continues, as Leffot is taking orders until February 7 for its limited-edition shell cordovan bit loafer made in collaboration with Rancourt.

We live in polarizing times, but fans of bit loafers have been used to it. The most love-’em-or-hate-’em shoe in the trad cannon goes back to campus shops in the late ’60s, is featured in The Official Preppy Handbook, and has been offered by traditional American shoemakers for years.

Leffot is reporting excellent response so far to the new shoe, which goes for $725. The previous release, in color 8 shell cordovan, “was a huge success and sold out,” according to Leffot owner Steven Taffel.

Some more details:

Color 16 is a rare shade of Horween shell cordovan. Its rich burgundy color takes everything we love about color 8 and gives it a deeper punch. This is the first time color 16 has been used in any Rancourt shoe.

The Bit Ivy loafer is made in unlined Horween shell cordovan. Leffot introduced its original Ivy Loafer back in 2012 after the re-release of the iconic style book Take Ivy.

Just like the original Ivy, the Bit Ivy is made with hand sewn moccasin construction on oiled leather soles for comfort and durability.

“There are a lot of bit loafers out there,” says Taffel, “but this is the only one that is handsewn and made in unlined shell cordovan. Because it’s unlined they’re super flexible and very comfortable. Cordovan is not only beautiful it’s also durable, and low maintenance. Color 16 is also a rare cordovan color. According to Nick Horween, Color 16 is a new color and only used by one other shoemaker in 2019. This is the first release of color 16 for Rancourt and Leffot. Bit loafers are primarily a casual style shoe but also super versatile. They can be worn with denim, khakis, cords and worsted wool trousers.”

Head over here to place your order. Only $145 is due as deposit, so if you’re pinched but just have to have them, you’ve got a couple months for your luck to turn around.

This post was brought to you by Leffot.