Wild About Cary

Cary Grant was the number-one trending topic today on Twitter, which is pretty unusual given what usually trends on Twitter. Granted —pun intended — it’s his birthday, but still it’s reassuring to know he’s so fondly remembered, and for good reason.

Here are some images of him wearing a buttondown collar in a variety of ways, including with giant shoulders, a double-breasted, an ascot, and tieless and about to climb Mount Rushmore.

For you youngsters out there not versed in the Great American Songbook, the headline is a reference to the century-old tune “I’m Just Wild About Harry,” though I prefer the line about Harry, Gary and Cary in this number. — CC


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  1. For those too young to catch the title:


  2. Thanks, Linkman.
    Also Truman’s Campaign song:

    During the 1948 presidential election, standing president Harry Truman used the phrase “I’m Just Wild About Harry” as one of his campaign slogans. The slogan, which came from a song by the same title by Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake and was also used as his campaign song, was featured on buttons, pins, and banners across the country.

  3. Back in the day, most men tried to emulate stars like Cary. My late father looked remarkably like Tyrone Power, same hairstyle and features. My Uncle George, in his thirties, was a spitting image of Edmund O’Brien, (DOA, The Killers.)

    Can’t say I’d like to look like or fashion myself after the slobs in Hollywood today.


  4. Old School Tie | January 19, 2020 at 2:02 pm |

    @ Wriggles – who needs the Hollyslobs of today when we can model ourselves on athletes such as Colin Kaepernick or David Beckham? Come on, live a little…

  5. @ Old School Tie

    Had to look those two up; never heard of either. David is good to go, only needs a shave. The scruffy look is in vogue, but still looks terrible.

    Colin? Are you serious?


  6. George Clooney is the closest thing today to the old matinee idols, and he is no slob.

  7. Mitchell Springer | January 19, 2020 at 11:52 pm |

    Old School Tie,
    You never heard of Tyrone Power or Edmund O’Brien?
    What has happened to the collective memory of Brits?

  8. Watched a bit of the SAG Awards show. Is there anyone in Hollywood these days who has even a hint of a clue as to how men’s clothes should fit? I’ve seen Proms’R’Us rental outfits that looked better.

    Yeah, I know it’s a dead horse I’m swinging at here, but if you go back to movies even into the ’60s, the typical “red carpet” tux of today would have been put on the rube, for contrast.

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