Vintage Varsity

Varsity-inspired items from RL’s Rugby line fit in well at last Sunday’s 25th annual Gatsby Summer Afternoon. Of all the vintage events wacky Californians put on, this one is by far the most spectacular.

Held at the Dunsmuir House, an estate in the Oakland Hills, the event features music and dancing, vintage cars, and a contest to see who can create the most opulent picnic spread (this year’s winners practically recreated their entire living room).

This collegiate layout got an honorable mention. Its creators actually erected bleachers draped with raccoon coats and a goal post for kicking field goals:

This Penn State jacket was a recent vintage discovery by Michael Haimovitz, who found a snapshot of the original owner inside the jacket (Haimovitz is pictured below with enlarged version of the photo). Turns out the guy was Penn State’s head cheerleader in 1930:

The darted 3/2-roll cream flannel Cornell blazer from 1941 (top image) was enough to win its wearer the men’s costume contest.

The event is worth planning a weekend getaway in the Bay Area. Mark it on your calendar for next year. — CC

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  1. So cool….If you’re into old collegiate football I highly recommend the movie Harvard Beats Yale 29-29. It is a documentary that contains footage from a famous “the game” in the 60’s. Then they interview all of the players…and Tommy Lee Jones was one of the Harvard boys. They really tell you how it was in the old Ivy League days before women were allowed to attend and the whole slacker dress code came into play. Lots of amazing stories

  2. No Princeton beer jackets? 🙁

  3. What’s that?

  4. Nobody click that link. It’s a circuitous path and downloaded some weird file for me. The link didn’t even go directly to the image.

    Try this:

  5. That Cornell blazer makes everything I own look like junk. Amazing.

  6. Laguna Beach Trad | September 17, 2009 at 11:53 pm |

    I agree, the Cornell blazer is cool. But the rest of it is pretty bizarre. I hope Will did not attend this event.

  7. More on the Cornell blazer

    Christian you did not mention the Bathing Beauty Revue.

  8. Funny, I emailed Will and asked him if he would be there. Alas, he was in New York.

  9. Trying to get hold of Mike Haimovitz.
    Hi Mike. Do you remember me? Jeff Wagner from school?
    Got this address from Greg Liddle in Hawaii.

    If you get this, please reply.


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