This Is The Haircut For You

This is the haircut for you — but you probably already knew that. Unless you’ve got a kind of floppy English-schoolboy ‘do, or some post-heyday ’70s length.

I just got a short cut last week, and it was the most thorough and fastidious visit to the barbershop in my life. Granted the guy wet-shaved my neck and worked on my beard a bit, but still, an hour in the chair? Fortunately the place is only two blocks from my chiropractor. — CC

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  1. Do not allow yourself to be inspired by this post and rush over to the barber. Certainly do not show him this image. That would be fetishization, which is indicative of low character.

  2. That is certainly the haircut I would have if I had more hair on my head.

  3. That’s not what I think of as an Ivy League haircut.
    We had our hair combed down at an angle over our forehead (see the Deerfield film starting around 23:30), not flippped up as in the illustration. Also see most of the photos here:

  4. Currently in the process of growing the aforementioned 60’s British Invasion hairstyle. I guess it’s because I’m young, but there’s that boyish charm to it that the undercuts of today don’t have.

  5. That guy’s part is on his left side. Wasn’t the right side the rule before the youth rebellion? The right side sure as hell was the rule under my dad, a retired USAF colonel. I of course rebelled in my late teens and started parting it on the left. Then a barber told me about 15 years ago that my natural part was on the right, and I’ve obeyed the original orders ever since.

  6. Charlottesville | November 30, 2017 at 11:44 am |

    Like WGJII, I wish I had the hair for it. Or for any of the other options Christian mentions. But I recall something close to that look on my older brother at some point in the 60s.

  7. Part on the left was standard in Old Hollywood in nearly all cases, and amongs WASP and English culture. Parting on the right in England would send a caddish vibe; in the US, it’s said to make you look nerdy or effeminate.

    Clark Kent parts hair on right; when he becomes Superman it’s suddenly on the left.

  8. My hair naturally parts on the left, glad to know I’m on the right side of history. 😉

  9. I always thought one parted one’s hair on the opposite side of your predominate hand. Or the side of one’s natural hair dictated.
    I wear my hair longer on top, a little shorter on the sides and can part it anywhere. I’ve had my hair cut like the image, but due to my muscle head and huge Irish square jaw it makes me look like a 1953 Buick grille.

  10. This looks like JFK’s haircut: combed to the side and then swept back with short sides.

  11. Vern Trotter | November 30, 2017 at 1:33 pm |

    This illustration is pretty much mine today, but with a higher part. My barber, Eddy, at 34th street and First Avenue in Manhattan, is the best I have ever had. $17 plus tip. Off Monday.

    My dad always parted in the middle. The style in the 1920s.

  12. The fellow in the illustration looks thoroughly squared away and strictly business. I think anybody would benefit from such a haircut. Christian, I had an old Italian gentleman who would spend forty five minutes on my hair back in the ’90s. He used straight razors and excruciatingly hot towels. The barber shop was great with old school chairs, black and white mosaic marble tiles on the floors, mahogany cabinets and green walls the color of Pinaud Clubman aftershave label, which they used, along with Pinaud Bay Rum, on their customers.

    Unrelated. Has anybody ever heard of Brooks Brothers must iron oxford shirts manufactured in Jamaica? Collar similar to RL Yarmouth shirt. I found one.


  13. I want to hear more about the Jamaica oxford. Similar to the old Yarmouth?

  14. @Will

    They are usually products of the early 346 Factory line. I’ve never owned one so I cannot speak to the quality.

  15. I have seen a few Jamaican-made Yarmouth OCBDs on eBay and always doubted their authenticity. I’m sure that the same would go for Jamaican-made Brooks OCBDs.

  16. @JDD

    Material is hefty. Exact size. Breast pocket. Wish the collar was longer but at $1.98 and seemingly unworn, I’ll not pass it up.

    Also scored two pairs of vintage RL Phillip pants (one pair with tags still on them) and a LE navy cotton sweater (what are the shoulders called when the sleeve stitching originates from the neck)


  17. Michael Brady | November 30, 2017 at 5:33 pm |

    The haircut in the photo is an “Ivy League” here in the Midwest, if you go to an old-timey barber shop. Where I go, the owners are 78 and 84, respectively and Ivy Leagues are still common and flat tops are popular with the guys that have worn them for 40-50 years. You don’t talk politics unless you are part of “his base”, if you know what I mean.
    If you are doubting my discretion about places to get shorn, the alternatives are 20-year-old girl hair cutters who ask you which clipper guard you want them to use; or salons where haircuts are $35.00, and you may still hate the results.

  18. Wow, I’ve learned more about haircuts in the two minutes or so that it took me to read the comments than I’ve learned in all my 65 years.

    I keep my hair relatively short (now) and I part on the right because…I really don’t know…I’ve always done it that way.

  19. Had a similar experience at a bar/barbershop where I hosted an event. Literally wanted to tell the barber to break out the safety razor and be done with it. If t takes longer than 15 minutes I am not a fan.

  20. @Vern
    I’ve walked by that barber many times while getting a bite a that Greek place right by. I’ll have to stop in sometime.

  21. @Christian No manicure and massage ?

  22. That lead photo says Dobie Gillis to us older readers. Big star power in this vintage clip:

  23. My part is perfectly centered and three inches wide.

  24. Grey Flannels | December 1, 2017 at 12:57 am |

    There are two “Ivy League” haircuts.

    The one in the illustration is the Princeton:

    The one referred to by Dutch Uncle (November 30, 2017 at 11:09 am) is the Harvard:

  25. @ROI,

    Now that’s true rebellion. Punkier than the punks.

  26. The Haircut is English in origin.
    And therefore very Ivy.

  27. Carmelo Pugliatti | December 2, 2017 at 9:04 am |

    This is my haircut from always (and obviously well shaved face).

  28. Paul Newman and Steve McQueen both used to part their hair on the right, I think that’s enough to say that the hair part theory is a bunch of utter bollocks.

  29. Henry Contestwinner | December 4, 2017 at 3:28 am |

    The ideal side to part on depends on the direction of one’s whorl. A clockwise whorl gets a left-side part, and vice-versa. Doing it otherwise goes against the grain, as it were, of how one’s hair grows.

    Center part? Highly unflattering to the vast majority, but OK if one is exceptionally handsome with a perfectly-shaped head and face.

  30. I hope you will forgive this somewhat duplicative post of one I just a moment ago left elsewhere. Best haircut I’ve ever seen was the one Craig Stephens sported on “Peter Gunn.” It became popular enough that you could ask for it at your barber shop. If your barber knows the “Peter Gunn,” he is the real deal, not some namby pamby stylist!

  31. By the time I was old enough to go to a barber (mid-1960s), this was just called a “regular.”

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