The Man In The Must-Iron Mask

Like many other Americans, I am willing to adopt whatever measures I can to stop the spread of COVID-19, and that includes wearing a face mask in public for the foreseeable future. Just so long as said mask is not black and not made from synthetic materials.

Fortunately, Kamakura Shirts has announced that they are accepting pre-orders for Japan-made, 100% cotton masks, a move that will no doubt save the lives of thousands of Ivy style-purists who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something shiny and polyester. The esteemed Japanese shirt maker is currently offering masks made from fabrics including blue oxford, blue uni stripe broadcloth, blue gingham broadcloth and navy gingham broadcloth. Each are being sold as a 3-pack for $35, with an expected shipping date of early to late June.

As of press time, we could not confirm whether or not these OCFMs (oxford cloth face masks) include the option of a rear button or a locker loop. — ERIC TWARDZIK

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  1. I failed to come up with a pun headline. Am option to suggestions.

  2. Let me know when we get a Harris Tweed option.

  3. I have a pun headline: “OCBD Face Masks for OCD Ivy Purists.” Or…

    “Hipper than HEPA, the Kamakura Oxford Cloth Face Mask.”

    Christian, if you decide to use my headline please caption the headline “headline credit: Mitchell.”

  4. Suggestions:
    In-your-face Ivy
    The Masked Purist
    Of Masks and Men

  5. My wife made half a dozen out of retired Brooks Brothers shirts. They look great.

  6. “The Great Gaspy”? “Sneejuns”? “Chinos(e)”? “Sack Snoot”?

    For heaven’s sake, stop me.

  7. Greg Lamberton | April 20, 2020 at 12:48 am |

    Speaking of masks:

    Lone Ranger: “I’m going to continue to wear my mask”.
    Tonto: “For how long?”
    Lone Ranger: “Our job has just begun. We have a lot of trails to follow.”

  8. Martin Humphries | April 20, 2020 at 12:55 am |

    Preppy Prophylactic

  9. Why am I not surprised that they’re selling them rather than donating them or at least donating part of their profit to the war to save humanity?

  10. Aivii Riigu | April 20, 2020 at 6:18 am |

    Also available in other cloths for those who prefer broadcloth or end-on-end to Oxford cloth:

  11. Well, this is the first thing I have felt excited about in all of the pandemic-related news the last couple of months. I’ve just placed an order for a set of masks in Royal Oxford blue.

    Best Regards,


  12. whiskeydent | April 20, 2020 at 12:32 pm |

    Headlines and a question:
    Speak No Ivy
    The Lone Preppy
    Trad In The Time Of Corona
    Ivy Coronation
    Veil Ivy!

    Can you imagine an RL ad for a mask with a sullen, idle rich kid wearing a cashmere sweater with a big pony polo? I can obviously.

  13. whiskeydent | April 20, 2020 at 12:33 pm |

    Cashmere mask I meant. Grrrr.

  14. @Eric: Excellent piece.

    @Everyone: This is possibly my favorite comment thread ever on this site.

  15. Roy R. Platt | April 20, 2020 at 2:46 pm |

    “The Masque Of The Red Death”

  16. @Roy R. Platt

    “The Masque Of The Nantucket Red Death”

    Also, it appears that the link that was included in the story above has died and some of the colors and fabrics have sold out, but you can still find them on Kamakura’s website:

  17. Just saw a report from a fashion trend forecaster. Designers are already working on mask styles for Fall/Winter 2024.

  18. The Mask of Amontillado

    The “Wuhan Fever” Pink Preppy Preventitive

  19. Ivy Style for the “Prepedemic”

    100 Years of Social Distancing

    Keep Your Six Feet the Trad Way

  20. The Man in the Must-Iron Mask.

  21. I say that Taliesin wins.

    (there is no prize)

  22. Yes, that’s not going to be topped.

  23. This blog should be on Instagram. Any chances of that happening?

  24. Kenneth Huggins | April 20, 2020 at 9:27 pm |

    Will they make a seersucker mask for the summer months?

  25. “Must-Iron” suggests washable.
    Not advisable.
    Stick to disposable masks.
    Plus, those elastic bands in the photo will give out after washing.
    They should have made them with tie-on cloth strips.

  26. Bah! I have both seersucker and Lily Pulitzer masks. I’m planning on getting a selection of masks framed as a reminder of this historic event.

  27. Shapely Tuchus | April 21, 2020 at 7:37 am |

    Wuhan fit

  28. If nothing else, these guys are selling an Oxford Cloth mask on Etsy.

    There are a handful of others selling Oxford cloth masks, though these are the only ones with a nose wire (to mitigate against that fogging! >_<). My one gripe is that the nose wire is sewn into place (other masks allow for the nose wire to be removed/replaced)

    I contemplated seersucker, Madras, and linen masks, because Memorial Day, but it occurred to me that the more open weave probably means much less protection. The dense weave of Oxford, in two-layers, is a safer, still breathable option. And it doesn't get more standard than blue and white.

  29. I am finding that many mask options are pretty hot and obstruct breathing. Even a couple of layers of thin cotton cloth are tough to deal with For long-term use, which I presume we are in for, it would be nice if there were a design that optimized functionality. Maybe the disposable paper ones worn in the Far East do that? Perhaps their greater experience informs them about priorities. If that’s the case, then there should be color options other than Hospital Blue. LIke Navy blue.

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