Talking Ivy: W. David Marx Lecture At The Armoury

The Armoury has posted a video on YouTube of W. David Marx’s lecture from last week on Ivy in Japan through the lens of its magazines. Video quality is basic, but cheers to them for recording it, and the audio is fine.

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  1. The mention of cost (price) reminds me of an observation shared by an owner an upscale (Norman Hilton, Southwick, Alden, Viyella, etc.) traditional men’s clothing store in the South: after 1968, the store’s patrons were, financially speaking, well off. A Norman Hilton lambswool hopsack blazer cost $600 (or more) in the late 60s. Something to consider. “A look for traditionalists with plenty of money.”

  2. *correction. Suits were in that range but blazer was $200-$300 range. Still, expensive.

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