Ralph Lauren’s Edwalton Double-Buckle Loafer

All the sartorial spread-collar/Drakes ties guys are mad for double monk-strap shoes. What’s the preppy version of a slip-on with excess hardware? How about Ralph Lauren’s new penny loafer with double buckles. Dubbed the Edwalton, it’s made in the US and will set you back $495. — CC

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  1. fred johnson | August 20, 2011 at 10:25 am |

    …i DON’T THINK SO..

  2. …Me neither….

  3. Not my cup of tea, but glad to see its made in the US!

  4. It doesn’t work for me either. On a genuine monkstrap, the buckle serves the function of actually securing the shoe. Here, the buckles are purely decorative.

    The idea of shoes decorated with non-functional bits of metal has always seemed a bit strange to me, and that is why I have likewise never been attracted to horsebit loafers.

  5. Nope, straps on a moc-toe just don’t look quite right

  6. Nicely made shoe but too over the top for me.

  7. Think these are made by Alden?

  8. Richard Meyer | August 21, 2011 at 2:15 pm |

    Don’t like.

  9. The Double monk is the prep equivalent of the double monk (Castleberry & Mashburn). These are for the bargain bin with the square toed loafers and work boot soled dress oxfords.

  10. @Dex—I’m actually curious as to what you meant above in your (Castleberry & Mashburn) comment.

  11. I think his shoe works. As a collector of Gucci and Ferragamo loafers,I believe that a little ornamentation works just fine. Some loafer snobs believe that even the penny loafer was “over stylized”. Beware loafer haters!

  12. Fred,

    He meant that double monks are already preppy and therefore don’t need an equivalent. He then referenced yourself and Sid Mashburn as evidence to support his point.

  13. OK, but I don’t think double monks have ever been part of the preppy canon.

  14. We make these in Lewiston, Maine USA. Our manufacturing, Ralph Lauren’s design. Check out our online shop for some items a little more traditional.

  15. Ahhh, a shoe for the insecure man! It has been said to never trust a man who wears braces (suspenders) and a belt……because he doesn’t trust himself! We now have the shoes for such men!

  16. Men who wear suspenders and a belt are serial adulterers trying to keep from dropping their trousers.

  17. >Kyle: Thanks for the info. The shoes look gorgeous. I will keep your company in mind.

  18. Memphis 88 called it, I was using Mashburn and yourself (Fred) to support my point that double monks are perfectly preppy, I figured you and Mr. Mashburn are some of the current leaders in prep style right now and I would associate the both of you with pulling off great preppy looks with double monks.
    I will probably be picking up my own pair of double monks in the coming year.

  19. Be sure and tweet a picture of them so we can all say you’re f-ing killin’ it. #menswear

  20. Kyle — beautiful looking shoes on your site!

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