Princeton Newsreel, 1961

Our latest video from the Princeton Campus Life channel on YouTube is just the thing to get you in the mood for the release of “Take Ivy” next week. It’s another long one, but worth watching in full. Students in jackets and ties make their first appearance at 4:26, and return repeatedly, so be patient during the long science-lab scene. — CC

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  1. Bill Stephenson | August 27, 2010 at 3:05 pm |

    What a great film. Thanks!

    The people that post here will be interested in the clothing. Ivy was at its best then. Jackets and ties even in the dorms in informal settings.

    Unsolicited contemporary trivia.
    Huge crowds at the football games, compared to today. In ’61, Ivy League football received national attention. Notice how well dressed the crowds were at the games.
    Al Kammerlin, basketball captain lives here now. He had a successful career with IBM,and is a great guy. His leadership skills, from undergraduate days are quite evident.
    Bell in Nassau Hall cupola was the scene, up until about 6 years ago, of an annual contest where freshmen tried to get clapper from bell, and sophomores tried to stop them. One freshman, in a tool belt, fell from the cupola, and was fortunately unhurt. Bell is gone, and has been replaced with recordings.
    Woodrow Wilson school referred to in last 3 minutes is a fantastic resource for townspeople. Lectures at 4:30 on week days bring in people, such as Israel Ambassador to the UN, for public forums.

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