Last summer saw the launch of a new US-made shirt company out of Massachusetts called Concord Button Downs. The line began with plaids, but has since focused on oxford cloth in both solids and stripes, including pink.

“Our shirts attempt to replicate the OCBDs many men wore in the ’50s and ’60s,” says founder Daniel Castelline. “We’ve added old-school features such as untreated oxford cloth, no interlining, no fusing, elongated collar points, etc. It has become increasingly difficult for men to find this sort of shirt as large stores are moving to non-irons.”

The shirts are made in Fall River by New England Shirt Company, are priced at $128, and are currently only available in alpha sizing of medium through extra-large, though custom sizing is available for a $15 surcharge. “For the cut we’ve stuck with a traditional build,” says Castelline, “since a classic OCBD with a slim fit just didn’t feel right. However, we extracted excess fabric in the waist and hip to avoid blousing and billowing.”

The collars are 3.25 inches, Castelline says, and roll nicely without a tie, but only moderately when worn with a tie. They are sewn on by hand, however, and so can be replaced when frayed, he adds.

“Also, we dropped the second button on the placket a few centimeters to create a more relaxed appearance when not sporting a neck tie. This is one of my favorite features of the shirt as I find the button placement on most shirts to be quite rigid.”

More info on Concord Button Downs’ manufacturing process can be found on this page. — c C m