Summer 2020 Silver Lining: Three Pair Giveaway Of Sperry Made-In-Maine Boat Shoe

Never forget the old saying that every cloud must have a silver lining. Although the summer of 2020 has been like none we’ve ever experienced, there was also much to be learned from it. You may have rediscovered the value of quiet time alone in the woods or by a lake, or reconnected with family and friends who are more important to you than ever. This morning a loyal Ivy reader and contributor emailed me saying, “This has been a summer to forget.” Don’t be that Bad Trad; look for the silver lining!

And so we have something to cheer you up. Sperry has kindly donated three pairs of its new collaboration with Sunspel for a giveaway. The shoe is made in Maine using fine English leather. Here’s more:

Sperry, the American heritage footwear brand celebrating its 85th anniversary in 2020, is collaborating with historic UK-based label Sunspel on a limited-edition capsule of footwear. Sperry’s iconic Authentic Original boat shoe, handcrafted at Sperry’s workshop in Maine, USA exclusively for Sunspel, features clean, tonal suede uppers, and is on offer in two colors — navy blue and brown suede. The shoes are a perfect complement to Sunspel’s clean and modern collection of luxury British staples.

  • The Sperry for Sunspel shoes are made from luxury materials sourced from Charles F. Stead & Co.- the world-class, family owned tannery renowned for its top-quality British leathers and suedes.

  • Impeccable attention to detail includes leather welting, and perforated leather linings for breathability.

  • Sperry’s signature tri-color beefroll stitching appears in Sunspel’s signature neutral palette, and the same triple stitch detail appears in the lambskin footbed.

  • Leather laces are embossed with Sperry Sunspel branding.

  • Vibram outsoles offer maximum comfort, sustainability and durability.

  • Made at the renowned Rancourt workshop in Maine.

  • Available exclusively at, & The shoes will retail for $375.

As per previous contests, use the leave-comment feature to enter, and make sure you use a valid email address. One entry per person obviously, as you’re being watched from the clouds. Answer the following question:

What’s the most positive thing you learned or will take away from summer 2020?

The contest will stay open until Friday at midnight Eastern time, and the three winners will be chosen by random number generator. Good luck!

91 Comments on "Summer 2020 Silver Lining: Three Pair Giveaway Of Sperry Made-In-Maine Boat Shoe"

  1. How to “dress for myself”. I look horrible!!

  2. Since I live in the South, I can wear boat shoes until October. Plus I live 15 minutes from a lake.

  3. I really do dress for myself and not others. I haven’t resorted to sweats or PJ’s and still take joy in pulling certain things from my closet.

  4. Summer 2020 reinforced the value of family as I was able to spend time helping care for my grandchildren.

  5. This summer, I learned to appreciate my family and friends in a deeper way. My wife and I usually travel overseas during the summer, but this year we spent more time with those we love.

  6. To-go cocktails make strolls through NYC even more enjoyable.

  7. Gabriel Valle | August 24, 2020 at 10:26 pm |

    Nothing is more meaningful than time with family. When the world is crashing down all around you, they’re always there for a laugh or a trip to the beach. If nothing else, at least quarantine gives you more quality time together.

  8. 2020 positive – I am at home with my 1.5 yr old son so much more than I would be due to work from home and less travel. It is a great thing to be around all the time to help him out and watch him grow.

  9. I have discovered an interest in men’s wear through online channels and blogs such as this one.

  10. Ive learned that summer isn’t just a season but a state of mind.

  11. The truly well-dressed are so even when nobody’s looking.

  12. Just a few days ago I met with friends for a real-deal party, the first time ever since February, and realized that even something as simple as being with a group of friends, drinking champagne, singing songs together, and dancing “cheek-to-cheek” with a beautiful lady, are actually some of the best pleasures in life one can dream of. After the events of the past six months, I’ve learned to value what I used to take for granted. I hope this lesson won’t be forgotten by me any time soon.

  13. I learned that nature is the greatest teacher.

  14. That in order to have a chance at a silver lining, we must first “accept what is.”

  15. I learned that we have to be resilient and adapt when there are major changes in our world.

  16. james semaj | August 25, 2020 at 7:52 am |

    I learned that I am happy with what I have and thankful for it.

  17. I learned when a woman covers her face with a paper or cloth mask, there is nothing left to look at but her eyes. And when I look two or three or four inches deep into a woman’s eyes, my own eyes all soft focus, I can see her soul dance. Fascinating, that dance.

  18. Robert Archambeau | August 25, 2020 at 8:50 am |

    Being cut-off from most public activities, and doing almost all of my work from home, I’ve been forced to ask myself just who it is I’m dressing for. Do I slip into a good linen shirt and a tie in summer colors to impress the muckety-mucks and poohbahs at the office? Do I get the break on my trousers just-so over my sockless topsiders so someone at a pierside restaurant will notice? Do I spend a little extra for Persols so I’ll look subtly sharper than the other fellows at the beach? Well, yes. Sure. Guilty. But I’ve also learned, from the events of this year, that I do it for my own confidence, happiness, and delight. I’m Ivy for the world, but I’m also Ivy for myself.

  19. Old School Tie | August 25, 2020 at 8:57 am |

    Haha. Lots of previously unheard of people making miraculous appearances…hahaha.

  20. Robert Perez | August 25, 2020 at 9:03 am |

    I learned quite a bit….especially self control

  21. Trevor Jones | August 25, 2020 at 9:33 am |

    I learned just how positive the comment section can be! Looking forward to riding those vibes into future posts.

  22. I have realized more than ever how important family & friends near and far really are, we may not all have been able to safely have our daughters College graduation party family bbq’s and crab cooks. What we have had to do is stay connected in other ways, teaching our older family members about video chatting, FB, Snapchat and many more. This summer has definitely reminded me to be thankful for who we have in our lives.

  23. This summer we made it a point to visit places in New England we’ve never been to – so many wonderful places and kind people. Live simply!

  24. Societal mediocrity is an invitation toward distinguishing oneself. Personal excellence is only possible in an environment of uncertainty.

  25. What’s the most positive thing you learned or will take away from summer 2020?
    I reinforced my love for gentle exercise: long walks and swimming laps in the pool.

  26. Charlottesville | August 25, 2020 at 11:43 am |

    I suppose I have learned how little it takes to be content. While I miss restaurants and vacations and seeing people at the office and generally being out and about, I am a pretty good cook, and find that being home with my wife, music, books, and the occasional movie on TV is quite enough. I might have said as much before this summer, but now it is no longer an abstraction; I have seen it to be true.

    As for clothing, I am still in a coat and tie nearly every day, even though most days I am working from home. Today’s choice: a blue and white seersucker 3/2 sack suit, white OCBD, repp stripe tie, all from the late, lamented Brooks of old, and shell cordovan longwings. No one but my wife will see me, but this morning she told me how nice I look and, as I said above, that is quite enough.

  27. Too Much Johnson | August 25, 2020 at 11:52 am |

    What did you learn this Summer, Johnny?

    Well, Ms Succubus…

    I’ve learned that I solely dress so that I might undress those who impress.

    I’ve learned that “V8 – Hot & Spicy” makes for one hell of a Bloody Mary mixer as-is for those times a man needs an eye-opener and is far too indolent to do much about it.

    I’ve learned that those little vacuum-packed, bacon-wrapped fillets sold at Kroger’s, etc. are hewn from Mennonite oxen who died in harness while pulling a plow.

    I’ve learned that “Sunny Afternoon” is actually my id verbalized and set to music.

    Will you now want to see me after class?

  28. Welp, Don't Like That... | August 25, 2020 at 12:06 pm |

    I learned that I need a career change.

  29. The positive thing I learned from 2020 is an awareness of my resiliency and adaptability to change.

  30. I’ve learned that without Wimbledon, summer really didn’t start. And with no fans at the US Open, the summer that didn’t start will not end on a high note !

  31. Greta Villani | August 25, 2020 at 12:28 pm |

    Love them!

  32. Appreciate the time you have, because you may not have another chance to do it again.

  33. Joshua Coyle | August 25, 2020 at 12:33 pm |

    Through the relief efforts around Covid-19, I learnt that far more people than I had ever imagined are ready to provide help to those in need.

  34. I learned to embrace linen.

  35. Very nice shoes!

    The summer certainly has been interesting. I’ve learned how much I really love New York City, even with all the restaurants and cultural institutions closed.

  36. The most positive thing that I have learned from 2020 is to never take for granted the time you spend with family and friends.

  37. I’ve grown a lot in appreciating the little things in life and showing empathy toward others

  38. It has become easier to forgive and forget with so much evidence of how fleeting it all really is.

  39. This summer three of my kids and their spouses moved in for a couple of months. I learned not to sweat the small irritations, and to just enjoy the time I have with each of them. Time is fleeting and I don’t foresee another opportunity like this.

    [Also—Use a full-length mirror; most men make the mistake of seeing only part of their reflection and never see their full silhouette.]

  40. The most positive thing I’ve taken away from this summer? Slowing life way down.

  41. Cherish the social interactions that one takes for granted.

  42. This year I re-learned how delightful it is to rejuvenate oneself in nature.

  43. The birth of a son and the onset of COVID allowed me to step back and look at what direction I’m headed, and where I should be going. Faith and family have been a good formula for a heck of a lot longer than I’ve been around, and this summer with its irregularities have reinforced the value those hold for me. On a way less important, but more site-specific note, OCBD’s… you can still wear them when you’re out of the office!

  44. Old School Tie | August 25, 2020 at 3:26 pm |

    Sorry, that was a lapse before, of facetiousness, I do apologize. What I should have said is….be kind. Because unlike me here, you might not get a second chance these days…

  45. From now on, every moment is a gift.

  46. whiskeydent | August 25, 2020 at 3:33 pm |

    I discovered negronis and am forever changed.

  47. Johnny Romero | August 25, 2020 at 3:42 pm |

    I’ve learned the importance of architecture and beauty in everyday life, the effect it has on the human psyche. In essence, I learned to fully appreciate beautiful things.

  48. I have learned that personal, one on one communication has taken such a step back that it may never return to pre-Covid levels.

  49. I was reminded that our lives are filled with a lot of meaningless noise. Those things that were pulled out that were meaningless left a sense of peace, rather than a void. Those things that may have been underappreciated that were pulled out were painfully felt. Likewise, those things left quickly sorted themselves as well. Now to harness this without the assistance of a pandemic!

  50. Miles Coverdale | August 25, 2020 at 4:08 pm |

    I love spending time alone. I’ve had all summer to indulge.

  51. As the aide to a County Commissioner in what was the original epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, I saw the ability for people from all different backgrounds to band together to help those experiencing social hardship. Throughout our county, individuals created social networks to help vulnerable neighbors, ran emergency food banks out of their own backyard, and volunteered to make PPE for frontline workers. It is something that I will never forget and I hope that we can harness that energy to move forward as a collective community.

  52. Walking through floral gardens in the park is as enjoyable and peaceful as hiking in the woods.

  53. I discovered some plumbing skills I never knew I had.

  54. 2020 has taught me the value of family and friends.

  55. Couldn’t travel much but a great and less stressful summer overall. I don’t live under the rock but try not to pay too much attention to the news.

  56. There are wonderful things to discover when I step away from my screen and explore my city.

  57. That despite COVID, it’s still possible to enjoy Ivy Style in the summer heat.

  58. I’ve learned that one can get used to working remotely, but without face-to-face interactions the sense of common mission begins to fade.

  59. Some wonderful stuff here, gentlemen. Send your friends here. Less chance to win, on the other hand, positive energy is contagious.

  60. Gary D. Takenaga | August 25, 2020 at 8:41 pm |

    That you can survive the 3 C’s: coronavirus (no, I have not had the virus but have been affected by stay-at-home orders and live alone), cancer (have completed 4 of 6 chemo treatments), and a constantly postponed second date with my friend, Carole, all because of the coronavirus. She lives across the state from me, almost three hours away. The first (and only) date? 1976!

  61. I learned that family time is nothing to take for granted. We previously led such busy, distracted lives. Our children are only young once…and once they have grown and left the nest, we can never have that time with them back.

  62. The summer of 2020 – I learned to laugh more, learned to cook new things, learned to fix that roof, learned to complain less – one day at a time I believe we all grew stronger together learning our frailties are just one step from courage and we continue to be strong.

  63. The fact that FE Castleberry Atelier now sells $600 sunglasses made to be worn indoors!! Trad alert!

  64. My wife and I have spent non-stop time together these last five months. There have been some great conversations but more importantly, a focus on what matters most. We can look at each other and still understand why we fell in love with each other almost 35 years ago.

  65. Testosterone | August 25, 2020 at 10:54 pm |

    The smallest kindnesses go noticed.

  66. Working from home during Summer 2020 meant that me and my wife were able to watch our baby daughter grow up together. First steps, first words. A front-row view.

  67. This summer, and even more this winter and spring during the lockdown, made me appreciate the importance of a comfortable home and a caring family.

  68. I have learned not to waste time.

  69. Even 2020 is fleeting by at a breakneck pace. I continue to wear the same clothes I’ve always worn, even though mostly no one sees me.

    I’ve learned that our time on earth is precious, a gift.

  70. I’ve (re)learned the resilience of the human spirit and our ability to adapt and thrive under challenging circumstances.

  71. I learned more about my three year old son, and my relationship with him than I every could have imagined.

  72. I learned to be better at appreciating everyday moments like cooking, reading, taking a walk etc.

  73. I have embraced the glory. Having eliminated TV years ago, I have learned to connect the dots the old fashioned way. As there are billions of books (and blogs) to be read, I now only read the best of the best of them. This life is short.

  74. This summer felt like the first breath of air when one comes up from water. From March on, my life was filled with uncertainty and a sense that I had no control over my plans for my future. I watched as my plans for college visits, school trips, and academic tournaments splintered apart like glass. I know that compared to the people who’ve lost their livelihoods, futures, and family members, this pandemic has not affected me nearly as much. But unlike many people today, I believe that comparing loss and pain is a fruitless endeavor and that the thing to do is confront one’s own issues, instead of squabbling about who has it worse. So this summer, after the confusion and uncertainty of spring, I made an effort to adjust to the present circumstances of the world around me. I recognized that the inability to change how I approached things like college visits and my extracurriculars was a serious flaw and is one I’ve had to remedy over the past three months. This summer, I realized strived to find balance between making an effort to be around my family more and still being effective in the work I do to be prepared for school and eventually, post-secondary education. I learned this summer that to do anything well, I have to be conscious of all my actions and find a balance that allows me to achieve what I want to achieve.

  75. This summer I learned about Ivy Style!

  76. No commute.

  77. M. M. Moody | August 27, 2020 at 1:26 pm |

    I learned that nothing is forever, and I am trying to be content with just myself and the luxuries I have – family, health and time.

  78. Kirk Anthony | August 27, 2020 at 1:35 pm |

    Golf, tennis, sailing, fishing, biking… pretty much the same as in past summers.

  79. Trim your sails.


  80. Fred Walsifer | August 27, 2020 at 5:33 pm |

    I retired at then end of 2019 and the summer of 2020 with all the problems we’ve had has been the best yet!

  81. I learned how much I miss the social interaction of going to dinner with friends in our favorite restaurants. Many restaurants, sadly will not be around next summer.

  82. I really learned what it means to take it one day at a time and to view it as a gift.

  83. Nikola Golubovic | August 27, 2020 at 11:19 pm |

    I learned how to dress well while staying at home!

  84. I have learnt to appreciate the simple things that make a great holiday, such as having a drink in an open air café or walking on the beach with my wife.

  85. I’ve learned how much I miss summer travel away from my steamy home! Thanks for the contest and the great site.

  86. Keep on keeping on.

  87. Robert Perez | August 28, 2020 at 10:16 am |

    I learned a great deal about myself….and how my values, thoughts and life have evolved.

  88. Ian Schwartz | August 28, 2020 at 6:56 pm |

    The most positive thing I learned is that Covid opens opportunities to do other things. Even though I was not able to do as many activities, I was able to do a lot of reading and learning (much of it about style).

  89. And the winners are:

    Fr. Ri

    Eric Korn

    Gabrielle Valle

    Please email your preferred email address to me at christian [at]

    Well played, gentlemen, and thanks again to Sperry for the generous donation.


  90. I have learned to slow down, be in the moment, and enjoy every single day.

  91. Jonathan Hartzer | September 11, 2020 at 10:47 pm |

    The most positive thing I learned from summer 2020 is don’t take things for granted. COVID’s impact on leisure, travel, etc., has made me realize how I need to appreciate what I’ve done, and what I have, instead of regretting what I might not get.

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