Labor Day Sale: Obama Tan Suits 50% Off At Brooks


Like most retailers, Brooks Brothers is having a Labor Day Weekend sale. It’s a great time to take advantage of generous discounts, including on tan suits, which are currently half off.

The president was just seen heading over to stock up on them:


(Note: this is my second time posting on the prez this week. I’m starting to feel like a political blogger.) — CC

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  1. Without wishing to unleash a firestorm of nitpicking here, what is your take on the fit of Mr. Obama’s tan suit the other day? There were naturally some points that seemed a bit off, but he didn’t look all that bad at first glance, and it was nice to see an American politician in a color other than navy or charcoal.

    Best Regards,

    Heinz-Ulrich von B.

  2. I like tan suits. I own tan suits. I just think the POTUS could have had a little better fit across the shoulders. In the close-ups during the ” I have no strategy” presser he looked like a linebacker, his shoulders are in there somewhere. 😉

  3. Bags' Groove | August 30, 2014 at 4:09 pm |

    Bandying about Prez’s garb = Fiddling while Rome burns.

  4. There just HAS to be someone else, somewhere else to use illustratively! Please? I was feeling pretty good until this…”post” showed up. I’m a longtime lover of BB; I loathe, despise, and hate BO. Let’s not mix, mmm-k? No point in repelling a portion of your readership just for this, regardless of what portion it is.

  5. I think this was his “I give up, it’s casual Friday, right?” suit.

  6. @George

    We’ve done posts on JFK and WFB, and each has an equal number of fans and detractors.

  7. @George

    It’s about the POTUS’s style, not his policies. Christian knows his audience. So, if you’re feeling left out, take in this post:



  8. Minimalist Trad | August 31, 2014 at 11:48 am |

    George’s loathsome, despicable, and hateful comment is the most repulsive thimg this reader has ever seen on this blog.

  9. We have 22,000 comments and I’m pretty sure there’s something more repulsive than saying one loathes the president, considering being loathed comes with the job.

  10. Bags' Groove | August 31, 2014 at 12:40 pm |

    @ Minimalist Trad.

    Loathsome, despicable, hateful and repulsive? Wow, I guess that’s your Sunday finished.

  11. I am not a fan of Zero, but “I have no strategy” to criticise him on a Ivy Style blog. 😉

  12. Will Barrett | August 31, 2014 at 4:26 pm |

    Nice suit on POTUS but he golfs in cargo shorts…

    @Minimalist… George is being a jackass, but grow some thicker skin.

  13. Yes, HSM, if that is where he is still getting his suits, needed to take him down a size.

  14. It’s what happens when POTUS buys a suit without congressional support.

  15. I had no idea tan suits were controversial. I shudder to think about the hostility an ‘oyster’ colored poplin, or a seersucker, would have aroused.

  16. No controversy, just having fun.

  17. The difference between doing a post on BloNobba and JFK could not be greater in the physical universe. JFK was renowned for his classic style and flawless tastes, right down to his little idiosyncrasies such as buttoning both buttons on a two-buttoned coat. Timeless, beyond reproach, and inculcated from birth. And — do I even need to say it? — JFK would NEVER in a billion years have worn that suit…for anything, ever, period. It’s quite simply unpresidential. He wore blues and greys with black and oxblood shoes. That’s it. And a tank, mostly. At the hoodrat/sewer end of the spectrum is Mr. Soetoro, and there simply are no words damning enough, so I won’t. Please don’t compare this asshat with either JFK or WMB, Jr. There is no comparison to be made. None. But, if he likes his tan sack he can keep his tan sack, period.

  18. This may be heresy, but I don’t think John Kennedy was the best dresser. In most photos of the three Kennedy boys together I find Ted to be the best dressed.

  19. I think the tan suit incident really magnifies what a beating the President gets in every facet of the job. I believe he has really tried to do a good job. Things are just too far messed up in the USA, and nothing short of a miracle will correct our country.

    My take on the tan suit: He’s wearing it to lessen the power look. John T. Molloy wrote in “Dress For Success” that overly powerful men or large men should forego the dark colors and stripes to achieve a less severe look. (Something to that effect.)

    He looks fine to me.

  20. DCG, not heresy at all. JFK’s good looks greatly influenced people’s perception of how stylish he was in my opinion. Plus, he was very charismatic. I prefer Bobby’s style.

  21. Who is that Obama-like model?

  22. The proscription against brown/tan suits comes from the British when one wore black, navy or dark grey/gray suits to work in the City section of London and brown suits in the country. Ronald Reagan, being from the Midwest and California, wore brown suits in the White House.

    It is quite hot in Washington this time of year and I have to admit the tan suit on BO looks nice just as a once in a while summer wear. I prefer the seersucker though, in the Thursday summer tradition.

  23. Wriggles, it’s probably a bad time in the history of the world for the POTUS to be perceived as less powerful.

  24. I think the country would have been better served if that model had been president the last six years instead of He Who Pretends. As to the tan suit issue, owning several (but never white) I must say they are trim, crisp, cool, slim and quite Ivy trad. They speak of vodka-tonics on the veranda, with Emily by your side, overlooking the bay. (What bay? ANY bay! What Emily? ANY Emily!)

  25. @George

    I realize that rabid (or even casual) political beliefs can skew a man’s perception of things, but what in the world made you think that this post was holding up Obama as a paragon of style on par with JFK? Shouldn’t it be obvious the post was mocking the absurd overreaction by the general populace (who are not menswear aficionados) over the president’s tan suit.

  26. At fifty per cent off, who has purchased a tan suit from Brooks Brothers?

  27. Waldo Walters | September 2, 2014 at 10:02 am |

    Saw him on the news over the weekend (I think he had a solid brown tie on?) and noticed quite a bit of collar gap on the tan jacket. Aside from his mom jeans, it was the first time I’ve seen a serious sartorial snafu from him. I figure he favors HSM for the Chicago connection, but Oxxford’s just across town.

  28. Worst and worst dressed president and he’s had plenty of competition. He’s no JFK or GHWB by a long shot!!!.

  29. The absolute worst was Reagan. He looked like a pimp or, at best, a savings and loan president in someplace like Whittier, California. But that’s one reason why Joe Sixpack could identify with him.

  30. Modern politicians are rarely inspiring in terms of style. Especially the type of style we like. Today’s politicians all sport the same water-downed-ill-fitting-suit look that can be seen in every other business sector in America as if it was all sponsored by Men’s Wearhouse and JAB.

  31. DB McWeeberton | September 2, 2014 at 1:02 pm |

    It’s funny to see the Prez wearing the same suit as the BB “Obama” model, who’s been in the catalogue photos for the past few years.

  32. I forgot to mention above, I love it most when I see pics of the POTUS and the skin on his legs is visible, due to not knowing enough to wear OTC socks. Just like his job, no attention to detail(s).

  33. BTW, the main reason O looks so ridiculous (not unlike Dukakis in the tank) in the tan suit is that he clearly does not believe in it. Somehow–unusual for him, because his own-skin comfort is his highest political attribute–it’s as if it’s been forced on him, he can’t wait to get it off, it almost hurts his skin to have it on, and his deep self-consciousness radiates through the picture. It just shows how much of the game is confidence. He couldn’t sell a ice-cold lemonade in hell in that suit.

  34. I see nothing wrong with the president’s suit. I see 100s of men daily in the same.

    I do get a kick out of guy getting the same fashion roast women of all levels of success get. Finally there is equality of the sexes.

    Seriously, it is August and a very slow news cycle. The press demonstrated its desperation and the whack jobs ran with it. How unsurprising.

    As for the roasting BHO takes on a daily basis, ain’t nuthin new under the sun. WW, FDR, HST, et al took it all and worse. Just the way the game is played. But who is the bigger fool? Fat ass Rush and his fat paychecks, or the dopes that follow him and his ilk and believe it?

    As TR once said, “credit doesn’t go to the critic…”.

  35. @george- where did all of your memories of George W. Bush go?

  36. @George,

    Apparently even Obama’s sartorial errors are GWB’s fault! Thanks AEV for the laugh, you never let me down.

  37. George,

    JFK’s bespoke suits were designed such that both buttons could be buttoned; the style is the paddock jacket.


    Reagan’s suits sometimes needed a better fit, but he managed to wear brown suits well. Even if you’re not convinced by that, he was the last president to wear a stroller—daytime semi-formal wear—to his inauguration. Well, to the first one, anyway; he wore a suit to his second inauguration. I guess he got infected by D.C.’s utter lack of sartorial sophistication.

    AEV, Ethan,

    Huh? George mentioned WMB, Jr., which refers to Bill Buckley, I believe; I saw no reference in his post to either Bush.

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