Ain’t It Grand? The Countdown To Post One Thousand


Ivy Style is approaching a milestone: We’re not only about to reach the end of our sixth year of publishing, we’re in countdown phase to our 1,000th post.

Excluding this post, in 10 more we’ll reach number 1,000, for which we promise something special, the likes of which has never been seen before in the #menswear blogosphere!

Many thanks to the numerous contributors over the past six years, as I certainly didn’t write all the posts.

Have a happy holiday weekend, and may your madras and seersucker get one final dousing of salt water — either from the sea, or from your own sun-soaked exertions. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

3 Comments on "Ain’t It Grand? The Countdown To Post One Thousand"

  1. Congrats CC and keep up the great work here.
    Have a great long holiday weekend!

  2. That is a milestone. I look forward to seeing the 1,000th post. Have a safe holiday weekend.

  3. I will wait to congratulate you until then..

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