There are a handful of new club-collared shirts on the market this season. Tops on the list is this new white broadcloth from Brooks Brothers, available in extra slim fit as well as regular fit:

Brooks has also brought out this contrasting club-collar option:

Ralph Lauren has been using club collars in its ad imagery and runway shows for several seasons now:

RL currently offers this one online:

Now on to the S-M-L clubs. Without proper neck and sleeve sizing, wearing these as proper dress shirts is highly unlikely. And without a tie a club-collared shirt looks like an odd novelty. Still, these PITA trend items may help increase the appetite for more club-collared shirts, leading to greater variety all around.



J. Crew:

For further club collar buzz over the past couple years, check out Esquire,T Magazine and Selectism.

The club collar seems to look best when pinned — it’s the most common way we see it today, and without a pin the collar can look even more anachronistic. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be dressed up. Evidence: The image at top of a Princeton student in 1954, who pairs his pinned club with khakis and beaten-up penny loafers. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD