JFK’s Shawl-Cardigan Harvard Sweater Sells For $34K

JKF’s varsity/letterman/Joe College sweater would have been the ultimate garment to wear to The Game today, as Forbes reported earlier this week. 

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  1. @BC – I think it was about the Thanksgiving bird.

  2. This sweater was given to a CBS camera man to keep warm while shooting outside during the 1964 interview by Mrs Kennedy. Amazing! Looks in very good condition.

    A lot of unsportsmanlike incidents in this years game. The teams were on the same side of the field; both team’s coaches intervened to prevent a brawl.

  3. Sorry I did not notice the attached Forbes article when I commented above. One of JFK’s rocking chairs is above the bar in a restaurant on St. Stephen’s green in Dublin. I think there are several of those around.

  4. On which team did JFK earn a latter?

  5. Minor ( not Varsity ) freshman and JV football letter.

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