Jack’s Back: The Return Of Jack Donnelly

We continue our khaki theme with some positive news about a young entrepreneur carrying the torch of classic clothes made in America. Gregg Donnelly, founder of trouser company Jack Donnelly, developed a solid following for several years before a random medical emergency put him in the hospital for three months, followed by even more recovery time.


Undaunted, Donnelly bounced back, and earlier this month relaunched his website, announcing that he’s back in business. “It feels great to be back,” he told Ivy Style. “We’re doing out best work now, so I’m excited to get the word out.” The new collection includes a hybrid fit that may meet the needs of some guys; though not a full rise, it’s a mid-rise with a tapered leg, so somewhere between a classic cut and a low-rise slim fit. Check out the specs here


Donnelly had just moved and was meeting with financial partners to take the brand to the next level when life threw a curveball. Kudos to him for getting back to what he loves to do. Running your own clothing brand is hardly a walk in the park, and many would have been too discouraged to hit the restart button. — CC


Mr. Donnelly has just extended readers a discount. Use code “ivystyle” for 15% off. 

6 Comments on "Jack’s Back: The Return Of Jack Donnelly"

  1. Fred Roses | May 31, 2018 at 4:19 pm |

    When I tried displaying http://www.jackdonnellykhakis.com/ in Safari, the screen redirected to a malware site that attempted to download a fake Trojan version of Flash. Proceed with caution….

  2. jackdonnelly.com will do the trick

  3. i ordered a pair a few years back excellent khakis!

  4. I already have so (too) many pairs of khakis.

    Would love to see basic worsted tropical wool pant by Donnelly.

  5. NaturalShoulder | June 1, 2018 at 3:55 pm |

    Speaking of khakis, just received an email from O’Connells introducing Frank’s. They are the reincarnation of Bills with same fabric, same factory, and same cuts

  6. I like that they are hyper focused on doing khakis really well. I stopped buying khakis a few years ago because I couldn’t find the right combination of modern fit and fabric. With one company I could get the fabric, but not the fit. With another the fit, but not the fabric. It looks like Jack has built what I’ve been looking for and I plan to get a pair.

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