What a difference half a century makes. Brooks Brothers, essentially the creators of what came to be known as the Ivy League Look, used to scoff at the term. To wit, this passage from the 1959 novel “Try For Elegance” by former Brooks Brothers employee David Loovis:

He [the floor manager] detested to the point of vehemence the term “Ivy League” although the store was generally considered as the long-time stronghold of that type of apparel. Dunar suspected Pardee’s lack of college background and a secret envy of the well-fed, rangy type of boy and man who mostly patronized the store had something to do with it.

Today Brooks Brothers unveiled a new campaign on its website and in its email newsletter that loudly proclaims the term “Ivy.”

There’s even a replica of a 1967 Princeton t-shirt with copy that directly references “Take Ivy”:

This look seems to draw inspiration from the heyday, with patterned jacket, blue oxford, navy knit, and TV-fold pocket square:

Finally, notice the tagline “Trad & True New Arrivals For Fall.” And here just yesterday I’d written that Brooks would never refer to their clothing by the latest buzzword.

Still, I wouldn’t read too much into it. — CC