Ivy Style Seeks Campus Photo Editor For New Column


Last week’s post on the University Of The South was wildly popular, shattering the record for most-viewed post.

It got me thinking that with so much heyday stuff on the site and so many fogeys in the comments section, we should strike a balance and feature more college students from today, not just ones from 60 years ago. So I’m putting out a two-fold call here.

First off, we need you college men out there to send in photos of stylish guys at your school (yourself, for example) who are keeping the Ivy/preppy tradition going. They can be wearing everyday attire on a typical day at school, but it would also be great to shots taken at more formal gatherings. These can be single-person or group shots, perhaps at things like tailgate parties, now that football season is here.

Secondly, to make this a regular column we’ll need a photo editor who can sift through the submissions and choose the best shots. This person can use Ivy’s Facebook page and his social media savviness to put out the call for photos from campuses around the country. Once the ball gets rolling, we should hopefully see a regular flow of submissions.

If you’re a current undergrad or graduate student who can carve out a little time to devote to this, please send an email to christian@ivy-style.com. — CC

9 Comments on "Ivy Style Seeks Campus Photo Editor For New Column"

  1. Fred Castleberry to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The photo from last week’s post was popular because of the extremely attractive female in candid pose, not because of the men in trad clothes. If you put up more photos of attractive females, you’d naturally see an increase in visitors and repeated views.

  3. Jerry has a point. However, I will be submitting. I go to school in Manhattan by Wall St and see plenty of well dressed traditionalists.

  4. Julian Caesar | September 15, 2015 at 9:22 pm |

    If only I was old enough I’d help out…

  5. Reactionary Trad | September 15, 2015 at 11:17 pm |

    I hope that all five Ivy traditionalist college students enjoy the new column.

  6. Lovely redheads aside, I think the post made an impression because it shows what we who read this blog wish the world could more widely be – literate, spirited (and slightly cocky), self-respecting, and, as a result, well dressed. I went to an ivy in the 80’s, and in spite of the prep resurgence of the time, the beautiful campus was peopled overwhelmingly by students dressed to play hacky sack.

    Christian – carry the torch to these darkened corners of the world! Though now in my 50s I would be happy to help edit, if only out of a nostalgia for what I wish my college years could have looked more like.

  7. I would have to guess that there were a lot of Sewanee students that came to the site to see the post (with a hope of catching a glimpse of themselves). This probably accounts for a large portion of its popularity. However, Tony from College Trad knows the lay of the land pretty well and I imagine he would be a great fit for this position. Hope he applies.

    All of us old timers will just have to prepare ourselves for all of the Vineyard Vines, darted jackets, and croakies. Just give us a trigger warning Christian.

  8. Thanks to all of you who stepped forward on this. I’ll be responding to you soon.

  9. My response seems to be way late–I just found this blog and have recently become more interested in preserving the Ivy Look at my home campus, Cornell. I have been encouraging my friends and peers to try it for themselves. I attended a traditional boarding school where jackets and ties were required daily, and I found the transition to college most odd for the university’s extremely lax dressing norms. d

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