Ivy Forever: The Kamakura Shirts Blog

Kamakura Shirts, in case you were unaware, devotes a part of its website to what you could call “dynamic content.” That’s another way of saying a brand blog. Since 2014 fashion critic Toshiyuki Kurosu has been writing pieces for Kamakura, and a number of them have been translated into English by “Ametora” author W. David Marx.

Once again many kudos to Marx-san for all he’s done in writing, lecturing and translating to make the story of Japanese Ivy accessible to English readers. You can find the posts here. — CC

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  1. Edsel Marsdale | June 5, 2019 at 11:31 pm |

    Not a single comment. Hardly surprising. What incredibly boring pieces.

  2. Thank you. Very interesting reads.

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