Hold That Tiger

Our last two posts revolved around Princeton and the Roaring Twenties. Now we combine the two with images from a Charleston-themed party held at Princeton in 1949.

Arriving fashionably late in dad’s coonskin coat:

This pair of twinkletoes were winners of the dance contest. Imagine what the losers looked like:

2 Comments on "Hold That Tiger"

  1. Loving the coat in the second shot – preposterous.

  2. RaccoonMan | July 6, 2014 at 1:52 pm |

    I’m not sure what it is.. but there is something outrageously delightful about the raccoon coat era. I have always found such a coat to be my best friend in the cold — and the immediate subject of conversation by chilled admirers wishing to trade coats. Thanks, but NO DEAL.!

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