I suppose after nearly three years now of a golf obsession that’s caused me to neglect career and relationships (though apparently I’m not the first the sport has had this effect on), it was inevitable that I start a golf project.

And so I’m pleased to announce the debut of Golf Style, which is accessed via the new web domain .guru. I’ve always thought the best way of launching a site is with “guru” in mind.


The idea hit me about a month ago (can’t believe it took so long), as I was preparing to attend a summit in California for the Hack Golf  initiative that TaylorMade is behind. It was a small gathering of industry bigwigs (how big? The president of the PGA was seated next to me), and I was the lone freelancer, having written that Wall Street Journal essay and begun contributing to Hack Golf’s site as a result. From there I visited my hometown, playing golf nearly every day. And while there were some meltdowns, I also shot an 85 on an Alister McKenzie course, which I’d never played, and with borrowed clubs, though I made sure to bring balls with me:


The course, called Northwood and located on the Russian River in Northern California, was designed in 1928 for The Bohemian Club by Alister McKenzie, the same golf course architect who designed The Masters in Augusta, whose annual tournament begins today and ends in the awarding of the famous green jacket.

I returned from the trip determined to launch a site that would celebrate traditional golf style with a modern sensibility — essentially what we do here.

June 1 will mark my 10-year anniversary as a men’s style blogger (I founded in 2004, then Ivy Style in 2008), so I think it’s time for a new project. The golf site should be fun as I’m not planning any 9,000-word rise-and-fall essays. No idea if it’ll catch on, as the number of recreational golfers who appreciate saddle shoes and argyle sweaters may be far fewer than those who like to match their neon green shoes, hat and belt to their glove and driver.

After all, that putt I’m lining up above? Missed it. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD