As the warm days of the year gradually come to an end, we fondly put away the carefree items of summer. As a way of saying so long to the wild fabrics and whimsical embroideries of summer clothing, I’ve composed a little poem.

Well, sort of.

Today my Google vanity alert tipped me off to a story from a Chinese fashion website that mentions “Damned Dapper,” my go-to-hell story for The Rake. I can’t say I’ve ever clicked the translate button on a Chinese website before, but I did, and the results were garbled nonsense.

I was about to close the browser window when something magical happened. Words and phrases began to stand out, linguistic nuggets composed accidentally by a software program. It was the magic of poetry.

Li Po is the ancient Chinese poet who went rowing one night while drunk, saw the moon’s reflection on the water and thought it was drowning, then dove in to save it and ended up drowning himself. Or so the legend goes.

I’m no Li Po, but with a little inspiration I was able to cut and paste this translated apparel trend report and craft a terse little verse about the power of preppy clothing to rejuvenate an aged and forlorn man visiting the campus of his alma mater.

The Green Frog
By, Google Translate, & Christian Chensvold

On a bad first line to hell

With exagerrated movement irregularities

He donned the shorts with the green frog.

Everything merely implied in his casual stroll

As in the wacky style he appeared

And was swept up

To regain his youth on the campus wind.

Happy end of summer. I wore a sweater today. It’ll be tweed and flannel time before you know it. Bon week-end. — CC