Engineered Garments: MIT’s Class of ’56

Students in science and technology today aren’t exactly known for their style (then again, what students are?) But in 1956, MIT’s graduating class of 900 was better dressed than just about any random group of 900 people you could find anywhere today, even among the rich or the glamor professions.

There are also some real characters in there. Click here for the hi-res version. — CC

9 Comments on "Engineered Garments: MIT’s Class of ’56"

  1. By my count there are 5 women in the photo.

  2. And cheers to those pioneering women. As for the minorities, my favorite is in the lower right.

  3. I count 8 and really, cheers to them for being there. On a side note, I have to wonder out loud why I absolutely love all of these pictures. I am not particularly aware of a nostalgia for a time before I was born, but every time I see a pic from the first few decades of the 20th century I am completely facsinated. Keep those HARTMAX pics coming loving every moment of reading about them and looking at them.

  4. Oops… fascinated. Love the pictures, hate the typos.

  5. i like the “where’s waldo” guy in the plaid shirt in the front right.

  6. Sad to think that these dudes are all over the hiil now: 74-75 years old!

  7. Just received the proofs for my MIT son’s senior picture Class of 2010. Not much has changed. Good taste still prevails.

  8. Send us a shot when you get a chance.

  9. I’ve actually had one of these guys for a couple classes in my masters program. Can’t spot him in this pic though.

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