Endless Summer: Haspel’s 110 Archival Seersucker Collection

The following is a sponsored post from Haspel.

* * *

It may be the last semi-official day of summer, but as Haspel likes to say, it’s always seersucker season somewhere.

It’s no surprise they’d say that, given that seersucker has been their business for over a century. So for those of you who have no qualms about wearing seersucker deep into October — in the case of an Indian summer — or who live somewhere warm year around, or who like to start prepping early for a winter getaway to a tropical clime, check out Haspel’s 110 Archival collection, and particularly the Lorraine model. It’s a bit of a hybrid as it comes with “dual exhaust” in the rear, but it also has a 3/2 button stance and comes in a vintage-inspired shade of gray.

Says the company:

Haspel is commemorating its 110th anniversary by launching a vintage tribute to its heritage. Hailing from New Orleans in 1909, Haspel is widely known as the “Originator of the seersucker suit.” As a nod to the patriarch of modern seersucker, Joseph Haspel Sr., Haspel proudly honors the distinguished, sepia look of the golden age of gentlemen’s suiting. These limited edition suits truly encapsulate the feel of elegant, yesteryear style. 

The Lorraine model is $695 and is made in the USA. You can shop it here.