Dirty White Bucks & An Ivy League Coat

We’ve previously featured pop tunes from the Ivy heyday (and from the good old days when guys would sing about their clothes), and here’s another one: Ronnie Haig & Jerry Siefert singing the praises of dirty white bucks and “an Ivy League coat to burn out your eye.”

Ignore the references to tight pants. — CC

2 Comments on "Dirty White Bucks & An Ivy League Coat"

  1. Dickey Greenleaf | March 24, 2012 at 4:17 pm |

    Theme music to the new televison series, “The White Shoe Lawyer’s”, maybe, just a suggestion, if anyone’s listening? What ya say? C.C.

  2. Of course the best of all time is “Collegiate” by Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians (1925). Still was popular thru the heyday into the 1950s on campus.

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