We always consider it newsy when Ethan up at O’Connell’s digs up some deadstock items that have been buried for decades.

Earlier this summer, in an act of unselfishness, Ethan decided to start sharing his special hoard of Troy Guild shirts from the early ’80s. These aren’t your typical oxford-cloth buttondowns: The shirts are made from luxurious Sea Island cotton and are priced at $245 a pop.

Ethan tells us the following:

Troy Guild made these in Glens Falls, NY. This Sea Island cotton was superior to the stuff that was out there  through the ’90s. It wasn’t regulated, and most of it tended to originate from the Middle East. It was a shorter staple cotton, closer to a thin Egyptian cotton.

The good Sea Island cotton from the early ’80s came from the West Indies and was a much finer and longer staple strain of cotton. It hasn’t been made in Sea Island for around 80 years, give or take.

Anyway, these are really fantastic new old-stock shirts. I’ve known of these for a long time but haven’t dug into them much — except to stock my own closet.

There are about 100 shirts remaining, so grab them while you can. As with most things, they don’t make them like they used to. — CC