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Here’s a fine example of the value of the library of information we’ve built up over the past 11 years. This morning I awoke to a text message from Ivy Style contributor Trevor Jones, showing me how he’d taken inspiration from our recent “rich and dull” repost. Trevor was too young to pull off the look when the post first ran a decade ago; in fact, he probably wasn’t even a reader of the site yet. I believe the inspiring image comes from a Japanese magazine from the ’80s. Trevor brought it back full circle by wearing a blazer from the Japanese brand Boston Tailor.

On a personal note, please bear with me during the final flurry of my last 10 days in New York. Yesterday I was hoping to get up my interview with Alan Flusser but as you can see it didn’t happen. This afternoon I’m meeting with Southwick, so we’ll have that down the pike when I can get to it.

As the Japanese say, Ivy Forever. — CC

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  1. Southwick is launching a shirt collection soon.

    Hopefully there is an “Southwick x Ivy Style” capsule collection in the making.

  2. Since you’re meeting with Southwick, how ’bout I send you a few agenda items which need to be addressed.

  3. Trevor’s shirt has some life. Dull doesn’t have to mean dead. What brand of shirt is that, Trevor? I find that I too often have to open the top two buttons, although I’d rather not. Notice the different rise on the trousers?

  4. For those readers who can’t clearly see the difference in the rise in the two photos, here’s the original photo:
    No genital-focus there, my friends.

  5. Rugby belt?


  6. reppupstateny | November 20, 2019 at 6:07 pm |

    all good wishes on a safe trip and move in down south CC

  7. Bopper, email me your questions in language of which your mother would approve and I’l forward them.

  8. @Bopper, ironically, the same shirt I was chided for wearing on this site in a previous post. LL Bean uni stripe.
    @Sacksuit, J Press belt found at thrift store for $4. This was my first time trying out having the buckle NOT be on top of the button, but rather on the side.
    Et al, regarding rise: it’s 2019. Very difficult to find high rise pants. If one does, one tends to pay out the nose.

  9. Trevor,
    One need not pay through the nose for corduroy trousers with a gentleman’s rise in the right color. Lands’s End has them at a reasonable price.

  10. Old School Tie | November 21, 2019 at 7:47 am |

    Les Clark has hit the nail on the head – the chap in the original picture is wearing cords, our Mr Jones is not. There you have the most likely explanation for rise discrepancy.

  11. I was speaking somewhat tongue in cheek, CC. I would be interested in looking at Southwick, but I do not trust any old retail shop “tailor” to do M2M as well as O’Connell’s in Buffalo, NY has done for me with H. Freeman, and travel is not exactly cost effective.

  12. Charlottesville | November 21, 2019 at 11:44 am |

    Hardbopper — Interesting about H. Freeman. I don’t have anything made by the company. Do you think that H. Freeman’s product is superior to the Southwick coats from O’Connell’s? To my eye, the folks at Eljo’s in Charlottesville do a good job with Southwick made-to-measure, and they also have a local alteration tailor who is first rate. I certainly agree that it can make a big difference who is doing the measuring for MTM as well as which company is making the suit. My guess is that Southwick is doing the MTM work for J. Press, and if Jay Walter is doing the measuring, the results should be very good but, as I say, that is just a guess.

    There probably are a handful of other traditional shops around who do good made-to-measure work, but I wouldn’t know who to recommend for a traditional 3/2 sack suit or sport coat with a hook vent other than O’Connell’s, Press and Eljo’s. Will Ben Silver do a 3 button? Even if they do, I have a difficult time with their pricing. I wonder how many other traditional local men’s shops are still plugging away in this style.

  13. @Boston Bean, this is three button.

  14. Trevor

    After your photo shoot, did you help your brethren raise a barn or attend an illegal underground Amish rake fight?

    I would like to apologize for my comments. I am having a rather trying day at the office. Your beard actually looks pretty good. Mine is twenty one days old and I have had to trim it twice. If only I could grow a bit more one top of my head instead of my face, nose and ears.



  15. @Trevor Jones,
    It looks as good as a two-button blazer.

  16. Charlottesville,
    The guys at O’Connell’s recommended I start with H. Freeman, and I believe Southwick is/was a small step up. I say “was” because this was about four years ago. I don’t speak for the boys at O’Connell’s, but maybe they knew Southwick was undergoing changes and were not delivering as good a product as what was on the rack. I don’t know, but looking at the Southwick website yesterday, for the first time in as many years, I wonder if they can still do a 3/2 sack? The Southwick sports jackets on the rack at O’Connell’s at the time were certainly of high quality, but I simply cannot fit into anything OTR. Been meaning to check out Eljo’s and Press.

  17. Charlottesville | November 21, 2019 at 2:41 pm |

    Hardbopper – Best of luck with your next purchase. I think that Southwick still does a 3/2 sack, based on what I have heard and seen at Eljo’s and J. Press. I’m looking forward to Christian’s update on the company. Haven’t checked out the O’Connell’s site recently, but since they already have your measurements, perhaps that is your best source. Please report back on whatever you end up choosing.

  18. Trevor Jones | November 21, 2019 at 6:22 pm |

    @Sacksuit, no offense taken. I simply cannot grow a mustache. Twenty one days in and the beard is nearing full grown and the mustache is nearly invisible. Weird.

  19. Cuff Shooter | November 23, 2019 at 4:52 am |

    Trevor, I have the same issue with my mustache and find it helpful to give the upper lip hairs a head start by letting them grow for a few weeks while I shave my beard, then start letting my beard grow later.

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