College Miscellany II

Six months ago we ran a post called “College Miscellany,” comprised of various shots from the LIFE archives. Here’s an encore (click images for hi-res version).

First up are several shots from Bowdoin College in Maine. Above, 1952; below, 1957:

No date on these three Bowdoin shots. The one below looks like a good starting point for a Ralph Lauren Home collection inspired by a ’50s college dorm room:

Moving on, freshman class arriving at Cornell, 1960:

Freshman student from Hungary at Columbia, 1954, covering sports with pinned collar:

And finally, the classic combination of camel coat and football game. In this case, Wisconsin-Marquette, 1939:

9 Comments on "College Miscellany II"

  1. What the hell happened on college campuses?

  2. Young Macomber | October 28, 2009 at 1:02 am |

    Man, in that last Bowdoin photo, the professor (or father) on the left looks *so* damned comfortable, and confident, and at ease.

  3. The 60’s.

  4. Yes indeed what a pitty. I think you americans have a great style (and musical, which is closely connected) heritage that you should be proud of although its so often forgotten.

  5. Love these photos! Thanks for posting them.

  6. G. Bruce Boyer | October 28, 2009 at 8:57 am |

    The last photo in the series — the young couple at the football game — is so wonderfully evocative and symbolic. In their blond innocence could they ever have imagined the horrific wars to come, the assasination of a US president and the resignation of another, the economic catastrophe not far short of the one they had already lived through. Undoubtedly not. They’re frozen in the stands, a “cold pastoral” in Keat’s words: “When old age shall this generation waste,/ Thou shall remain, in midst of other woe.”

  7. Very poetic and poignant, Bruce. That fellow surely soon went off to fight for his country — and perhaps never came back.

  8. What a lovely comment by GBB!

  9. Sorry, when I see these pictures, I can’t help but think of the people who were willfully denied all of this privilege and happiness back in the “good ol days.” In fact I just saw a photo of James Earl Ray doing his perp walk and, wouldn’t you know it, he looks like something straight out of A Continuous Lean.

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