Brylcreem’s Brilliantly Classic New Packaging



The other day I was browsing the men’s grooming aisle at the drugstore when something caught my eye. Among the Williams Shaving Soap and rancid Clubman after-shave, something was not the same: Brylcreem had changed its packaging.

The update apparently happened last summer. Of course, if you follow the hair cream’s instructions and only employ “a little dab,” one tube will last for so long you’ll fail to notice this kind of earth-shattering news for the denizens of Tradsville.

Considering that the formula is the same, the makeover (combover?) is a clever one. The old Brylcreem packaging made the item look perennial, perhaps a tad iconic, but certainly old-fashioned. But the new Brylcreem packaging — with the founding date of 1928 and the line “brilliantly classic” — has a heritage effect. Previously the tubes looked a bit embarassed sitting on the shelves year after year. Now they look proud of the fact.

If you’re a younger guy who’s never tried Brylcreem, Joe College here from 1965 (or rather, the girl) should inspire you:

And here’s a popular post from our archives, in which septuagenarian Bill Stephenson looks back on the Ivy heyday in “Collegiate Grooming Showdown: Vitalis vs. Brylcreem.” — CC

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  1. G. Bruce Boyer | February 25, 2014 at 10:26 am |

    Many thanks for taking me back to the days of my youth. A more thorough article on the contents of the Ivy Dopp kit/medicine cabinet would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Brylcream a little dab’ll do ya and an encrusted package of Trojans in your wallet. Wishful thinking.

  3. I can say that I get to dress the way I want, but I do not have the hair I wish I did. My Roger Sterling-esque hairline is finally at the point where a tight clipper cut is most flattering. I am unable to enjoy the vintage shine and scent of Brylcreem, or any other hair product. Damn you, Don Draper…

  4. We mustn’t forget Wildroot Cream-Oil.

  5. I’m surprised nobody mentioned Brylcreem’s competitor, “greasy kid’s stuff.”

  6. P.S. My late father used some red clear liquid in a bottle, I can’t recall the brand. I recall buying some Gillette stuff when I was in high school. Amber colored, it came in something like a clubman bottle.

    I remember buying the stuff along with a Gillette Techmatic razor. That Techmatic razor was the worst razor I ever owned. My face looked like hamburger after I shaved. Of course, I didn’t need to shave that often in high school. Used that crummy razor until I was drafted. Then, I switched to a Schick injector razor. Infinitely more comfortable shave, as we troopers were required to shave every day, whether needed or not.

    Only bought the one bottle of Hair tonic in my life. I still use Aqua Velva shave lotion, though.

    “There’s something about an Aqua Velva man.” I’m sure there still is.


  7. Every Jane Joan Judy and Alice,
    Go for guys who use Vitalis.
    They like the wild mild action curls,
    With Vitalis.

  8. This takes me back to the days of my youth when I wore a Harvard Clip kept in exquisite form with a thick pink goop called Butch Wax. That might well have been the original “greasy kid’s stuff.”

  9. OCBD collar roll plus Brylcreem:

  10. James Redhouse | February 26, 2014 at 12:29 am |

    For those not familiar with J. Kraus’s use of “Harvard Clip”:

  11. Assuming the formula has not changed, Brylcreem is a good product. It is not greasy, but contains bee’s wax, like good mustache wax, only not quite as stiff. Follow the instructions, i.e., just a dab…

  12. I’m more of a Royal Crown/Blue Magic man myself…but the packaging is pretty nifty!

  13. Groom and Clean. Smells like Ron Burgandy but washes out easy.

  14. Purchased a couple of tubes of Brylcream a week ago at the local Wal-Mart. Noticed the product came out of the tube a little more watery than usual. Two new chemicals have been added. Caprylyl Glycol and Stearic Acid are new to the ingredients list. No new or improved labels on the product.

  15. Randy Dennin | April 10, 2014 at 11:13 am |

    The formula did change with the new packaging and it is NOT as good as the old formula.

  16. I saw on the Brylcreem page of Facebook that the company did change the formula recently and it that became watery during shipment to retailers. This notice goes on to state that their pending shipments were canceled and the product is now being made with the original formula again.

    “To all our Brylcreem Fans:

    Recently, a change was made to the Brylcreem formula which unexpectedly caused the product to become watery during shipment. This product is perfectly safe, but it does not meet our company’s performance standards. Since discovering this problem, all shipments of the affected product were stopped and we returned to the original formula. However, a small amount of watery product reached retail stores and was purchased by loyal consumers like you.

    We deeply regret any inconvenience this has caused and will immediately replace any unacceptable product. The new packaging is in no way related to the product performance. We were merely trying to improve our original formula. The new packaging is just an updated look based on our classic heritage.

    We are committed to the highest standards of product quality and deeply appreciate your loyalty to Brylcreem.”

  17. Gee Que Handsome | June 3, 2014 at 7:26 pm |

    I would like to know if there are women who love a well-groomed man with a side part and slicked back hair with brylcreem.

  18. They made a couple changes to Byrlcreem. It was in fact, watery, but also yellowish in color. After the change, it was back to the good ol’ “tried and true” white Brylcreem. To “Wriggles” (poster above) the red product your father used was likely “Tiger” hair tonic. I memorized all the colorful bottles behind the barber as a kid & young man. My Dad used Top Brass instead of Brylcreem and I am guessing that is because that is what the BX stocked. I love my Byrlcreem, and only two stores in my city (2 million people) carry it these days! Wildroot was very popular as posted above, but is not available anywhere in my city.

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