Today Brooks Brothers unveiled a new ultra-high-end capsule collection called Natural Craftsmanship, along with marketing materials to support it.

In the video above, posted on Brooks’ YouTube channel, a young man who was born rich models the clothing. How do we know he was born rich? Because he’s clearly not old enough to have graduated college and amassed the small fortune necessary to spend $700 on a zip-up sweater vest. I suppose it’s possible he could be a drop-out who sold his startup for $200 million, but generally tech geeks aren’t much into clothes.

On the front page of the Brooks website, Natural Craftsmanship is said to “feature styles that are expertly created by Brooks Brothers in European centers of excellence using the finest materials and construction techniques.”

Highlights of the collection include this shearling coat priced at $2,698:


This cashmere sweater jacket at $1,698:


Soft Denim Basketweave V-Neck Sweater, $998:


Dress chinos, $498:


Button-down oxford, $298:


Brooks Brothers’ merchandising and styling certainly seems to be moving in the direction of an international luxury brand, and with Natural Crafsmanship, now so are its prices. — CC