This morning a small new collection called Tracksmith launched. It’s the first thing in a long time we’ve felt should be categorized under Ivy Trendwatch. The founder, Matt Taylor, you see, is a Yale grad and the Ivy League is referenced as a style wellspring in the running-wear company’s marketing material. For example:

Tracksmith offers premium performance running apparel rooted in the running culture, sartorial style and timeless values of New England. We create versatile and uncompromising products that fuse Ivy League style, classic American design and high-performance fabrics.

 This top comes with a price tag of $65.


While this short goes for $90:


Its description reads:

Inspired by training runs along the bustling banks of the Charles River, dividing the understated Brahmin sophistication of Boston from the storied academia and innovation of Cambridge, the Longfellow short is equal parts technical and tasteful.

Finally, Tracksmith’s lookbook includes this quote:

Though deeply immersed in the business of running, Matt was frustrated with the slow pace of the industry, its cheaply-made products, and the “everyone gets a medal” mentality that diminished the reverence for elite achievement.

Of course, just as everyone gets a medal these days, every brand gets a mascot. Tracksmith’s is a hare:


… which is certainly savvier for a running brand than a tortoise. Except that the hare lost. — CC