This morning I received some spring shopping email blasts. One suggesting that if I buy shorts spring will come sooner I found a little crass. It’s January 15. That’s just a few weeks since Christmas, when we were bombarded by calls to spend, not to mention all the hoopla over the end-of-year sales.

But that’s evidently the retail landscape these days, as all the usual suspects are unveiling spring clothing even though we’re all financially tapped from Christmas and have a long winter ahead.

Among the new items to show up were some hooded sweatshirts, that great sartorial equalizer that go by the nickname “hoodie.” (I used to have one I really loved; I think I was wearing it the day “Star Wars” opened.)

So let’s have a little battle of the hoodies.

Above is one from Ralph Lauren, marked down from its original price of $125.

Moving on to more storied trad makers, Brooks Brothers has this “luxe” quilted one for $298:


 J. Press has this one, marked down from $175:


Next up we have O’Connell’s:


 And finally The Andover Shop:


(Apparently the latter two opted to forfeit on this one.) — CC