Battle Of The Hoodies


This morning I received some spring shopping email blasts. One suggesting that if I buy shorts spring will come sooner I found a little crass. It’s January 15. That’s just a few weeks since Christmas, when we were bombarded by calls to spend, not to mention all the hoopla over the end-of-year sales.

But that’s evidently the retail landscape these days, as all the usual suspects are unveiling spring clothing even though we’re all financially tapped from Christmas and have a long winter ahead.

Among the new items to show up were some hooded sweatshirts, that great sartorial equalizer that go by the nickname “hoodie.” (I used to have one I really loved; I think I was wearing it the day “Star Wars” opened.)

So let’s have a little battle of the hoodies.

Above is one from Ralph Lauren, marked down from its original price of $125.

Moving on to more storied trad makers, Brooks Brothers has this “luxe” quilted one for $298:


 J. Press has this one, marked down from $175:


Next up we have O’Connell’s:


 And finally The Andover Shop:


(Apparently the latter two opted to forfeit on this one.) — CC

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  1. It looks like someone has been browsing Brooks catalogues from the 80s (not Brooks, obviously) —

  2. Hey BB call me I have the next big thing I want to sell you on. Herringbone Harris tweed hoodies! Navy 130’s worsted hoodies, with brass buttons maybe? Oh! hoodies in dupioni silk ‘Signature Tartan’ for $1500. Brilliant.

  3. I’d doubt O’Connell’s would use Comic Sans. 😉

  4. Forfeit? I think O’Connell’s and Andover tie for the win.

  5. Roscoe's Wetsuit | January 15, 2014 at 7:13 pm |

    GTFO with that FEC nonsense. Are there also some paint spattered chinos in the clearance rack to pair the hoodie with?

    And that’s not J.Press, its that ridiculous York Street…

  6. A “luxe” Brooks Brothers hoodie? Sounds like an idea Kanye would come up with.

  7. I prefer the solid color gangsta wannabe purist version to the multicolored and quilted ones depicted.

  8. Why not go with an original, Russell Athletic around $32. 😉

  9. Although I don’t really like any of the hoodies shown here, I think there’s nothing wrong with wearing a hoodie. The most sartorially trad element here will be wondering: “How can anyone wear tweed jackets, navy blazers, grey flannels, repp ties, OCBDs, loafers AND hoodies?” Well, I can. Not at the same time, though. I got one for about $30 at a sale. It looks great when paired with khakis, good ol’ Levi’s, boat shoes, Chuck Taylors or New Balance sneakers. I would never wear it to work, but there are occasions when a navy blazer and grey flannels just won’t do. Sofa and TV Friday night, anyone?

  10. @ Alex….agreed, there is a place for sweatshirts of any kind….around the house or in the gym.

    @ Roscoe….and don’t forget, Ferd also has his sweats tailored!

  11. I’ve loved $150+ hoodies ever since I saw Fred Egan pair his with low vamp ’80s lizard loafers and a nylon windbreaker (underneath). Dude is so creative. Get your hoodie poetry game cleaned up gang, he’s lighting the internet on fire.

  12. I’m telling you, the next menswear trend to make billions will go to the person who invents the work appropriate dress shirt / hoodie combo. Sleep in it, brush it off in the morning, then roll into work. It looks like BB is six months off from that right now. It’s sartorial Skynet.

  13. Owning a hoody is the equivolent of taking a sh!t in your hand and then slapping yourself.

  14. I would opt for a barbarian hoodie for the gym, but hey that’s just me. They come in handy at other times, too: yard work, cleaning the house, PJs…

  15. What do you use the hood for, especially when wearing pajamas?

  16. One uses the hood to look like a hood.

  17. … in the ‘hood.

  18. The hood can be deployed instead of a nightcap when the hooded sweatshirt is worn as a pajama top. I, however, find sweats too thick for comfort as sleepwear. What’s wrong with a proper pair of pajamas, anyway?

  19. Christian, I meant wearing the hoodie as lounge wear not actual PJs. However, I don’t deploy the hood at the gym either, but I still like it.

  20. I got a Kellsport recently, and it should do the trick nicely.

  21. These or any other type of hoodies have nothing to do with prep. Even prep school sweats would be hard described as “prep”. Congratulations on commoditizing something which doesn’t exist in the world of prep.


    Pinstripe, Windowpane, Houndstooth “Executive Hoodie” & “Dress Pant Sweatpants”

  23. @Pale Male: San Francisco, I hate you. I hate you to death.

  24. C. Ray: Alas, for the target market, Betabrand would be a big step up. I’d dress them in Social Primer, myself, but nobody there ever listens to me.

  25. I haven’t worn a hoodie since middle school.

  26. So does everyone here do, “around the house work”, or, “lounge around” in a Brooks Brothers button up, and J. Press khakis? Get out of here.

    Hoodies do get worn a lot more than I think they shoud, yes. However, to say that hoodies should never be worn?

    Better yet, question, for the people on this site, what do you wear around the house? What do you wear when doing outdoor house work? I’m not asking in a sarcastic tone, I’m honestly curious now. I’ve never thought of it, and consider a hoodie and jeans more than acceptable for raking leaves or cleaning out the cars?

  27. katzenjammer | January 27, 2014 at 4:59 pm |

    Yes, I’m pretty much in J Press (or otherwise) khakis and BB button up around the house.

    What else would I wear? I have NEVER owned or so much as worn jeans; or a hoodie for that matter.

    But then again, I’m a kind of bizarre person in some ways – I’ve never owned a television either, nor grew up watching one.

    I don’t do housework to be honest, either outdoors in indoors. I live in the UES; my girlfriend does some gardening on the balcony, lol.


  28. John,

    I haven’t worn denim in at least three years. I have never found jeans very comfortable, especially compared to a pair of well worn chinos of which I have a lot. Add an ultra soft no longer work appropriate OCBD and you have one comfortable lounging around the house rig. I would throw a sweatshirt (or hoodie) over it if I were out in the yard and the weather called for it.

  29. @ John

    At the moment, it’s corduroys, a long sleeve undershirt, and a navy LL Bean chamois shirt (untucked). Yesterday it would have been Bill’s khakis, oxford shirt, and a shetland sweater, and if it’s really chilly I’ll wear an old Harris tweed sport coat around the house — thick and very warm. I agree with oxford cloth button down that broken-in khakis are more comfortable than jeans — ditto the oxford shirt.

  30. Thanks for the various answers!

    With me being a younger guy, most of my OCBD’s aren’t “worn” enough for me to consider doing house work in them.

    Same thing with my khakis. (This and, I like to keep my clothes looking as new for as long as possible.)

    As for jeans, I just see them as a nice thing to have. I’m very strict about keeping up the yard and my car, so the stains (if any) would be easy to wash out of the jeans. If not, I wouldn’t really care. I see jeans more as something to wear when… well, working. Not for fashion.

    From what I understand, most of the people on this site seem to be my senior by 20 or so years. Interesting to see different opinions.

    Thanks again for shinning some light on it.

  31. Also, I more than likely not buy a $100+ hoodie considering what I would be using it for.

  32. katzenjammer | January 27, 2014 at 11:26 pm |

    Well, here’s my additional 2 cents you haven’t asked for 🙂

    1. I would never buy a “hoodie” but even if I were to do so I’d never spend $100 for it. Ever.

    2. What does a “hoodie” get you that a shetland sweater doesn’t provide?

    3. One of my rules for clothing is that I NEVER buy something that won’t wear wear for many years. “Hoodies,” I imagine, don’t wear all that well. I have 20-year old shetlands that are (to me anyway) priceless; I doubt you’re going to feel that way about a 20-year old “hoodie.”

  33. Totally agree with katzenjammer. Couldn’t be more correct on all accounts. I have a Lands End shetland sweater that I bought in 1980 that looks as good as it did the day I purchased it. (Which probably makes me slightly older then the average visitor to this site.) No “hoodie” could ever last that long without looking like something you would mop the floor with. Unless you never wore it and just kept it on a closet shelf. Also agree with John. I will admit I do own jeans, but only wear them when doing yard work or staining the shed, etc.

  34. Interesting comments Katzenjammer and Randall. I will say this, a hoodie will not last as long as a shetland sweater, no, but that’s not the point of a hoodie for me. (Although, I do have hoodies that I’ve had for 10+ years that have stayed the same over that time.)

    I would want a Shetland sweater to last me several years, and because of such, I would be very upset if I were to get wood polish or paint on it. Like a said, a hoodie would serve no other purpose than to do housework/yard work, and other things of that nature. I also wear them around the house, but I find them comfortable to me. You would be surprised how often that “pouch” in the front comes in handy. I would never wear a hoodie in public. When I was in college, the people who wore hoodies were regarded as people who had, “given up.” Please, don’t get me started on sweat pants.

    I guess I see hoodies as a way to preserve my sweaters, but I could be wrong.

  35. Front Porch Life | January 13, 2017 at 5:00 pm |

    Martin Shkreli knows how to rock a hoodie.

  36. EvanEverhart | March 20, 2018 at 9:49 pm |

    I do heavy chores in original wranglers and a plain t shirt, or maybe a beat to heck flannel over that if its cold as all get out. I wear bean boots or old army boots if its going to be particularly messy. I also sometimes wear Dad’s old raglan sleeve gray cotton sweatshirt from the 70s, we’re the same size and the new ones are too long.

  37. EvanEverhart | March 20, 2018 at 9:53 pm |

    P.S. I must concur; hoodies, generally speaking bring to mind hoodlums, or slobs or average joes, depending upon the circumstances and manner of application. Not to judge, entirely, but not for me, and not conducive to a positive impression. ‘nough said.

  38. I used to wear hoodies quite frequently when I was younger – but they don’t really fit into my current ivy/trad inspired style. Plus, wearing hoodies hardly seems age appropriate anymore.

  39. I’ve given up on my hoodies as well – you reach a certain age and they look silly. Fortunately, there are plenty of great alternatives that are age-appropriate.

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