At Least We Get To Keep The Clothes

Today a conservative New York Times columnist waxed poetic about the virtues of the former WASP establishment. You can imagine how well that went over.

Looks like their most lasting contribution to American culture will be their clothing. — CC

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  1. “The WASP brand sucks these days….”

    On the other hand there’s a neoprep revival.

    Funny, I was just watching a video on the Hermetic principles. There are no truths, only half truths. All paradoxes can be reconciled.

  2. which video, CC?

  3. Not worth linking, as it wasn’t very good. But it was interesting timing and I made a note to myself to ruminate on the principle further.

    There are some great lectures on YouTube on all manner of ancient wisdom by a fellow called Manly P. Hall. New to me, but I just got two of his books, including his big one still in print after 75-odd years.

    In case you’re interested in western esotericism, feel free to let me know as I’ve been delving into it recently.

  4. Boola Boola !

  5. Trevor Jones | December 6, 2018 at 5:04 am |

    Interestingly, my Pakistani friend was wearing a pastel shetland crewneck today which he got back home. Are you sure the clothes are still reserved for WASPs? 😉

  6. MacMcConnell | December 6, 2018 at 8:56 am |

    Trevor Jones
    “The Clothing” hasn’t been reserved for WASP since WWII. Not surprising that anyone from countries once even remotely connected to the British Empire dresses well. Gandhi spent most of his early adult life in three piece suits.

  7. The negative fuddy-duddy reviews might help sell these thing to the youngsters. I can see an ad with an angry old fart in Ivy holding up a sweater with the emblem out front and saying, “Get off my Dogs!”

  8. The Liberals and SJWs who are attacking Douhat are conveniently ignoring that Hillary Clinton is a classic establishment WASP. The Democrat Party establishment has been dominated by WASPs and WASCs (Roman Catholics like the Kennedys) for decades. I’d rather have them in power rather than Obama, a SJW activist who promised much and delivered little in eight years.

  9. EVAN EVERHART | December 6, 2018 at 1:15 pm |

    Hi Christian,

    I’ve noticed that previously you’ve identified yourself as a Roman Catholic, though I do not know how strong are your convictions regarding your alignment with biblical doctrine…I’d be cautious of delving too far into a heavy duty occultist like Manly P. Hall, whatever your position may be. I’m familiar with his philosophies and etc., as one of my theology professors was hot and verbose upon that particular topic, it’s iffy, at best. Just saying. He’ll lead you down some dark philosophical and theological paths, he’s way out there with Nicholas Roerich, and Helena Blavatsky, to name a few of the equally unsavory sorts, or Crowley. Not trying to preach, but just, I wouldn’t. There’s no wisdom in the darkness as it does not comprehend the light.

  10. Evan, I’m afraid you’re mistaken. My family background is Protestant and when I moved to NY I began attending St. Thomas, an Episcopal church.

    Manly P. Hall’s lectures have been full of warmth and humor and scriptural references. I’m confident he will not lead me down dark pathways.

  11. Kenny – and you’re ignoring that many in the Democratic party didn’t want Hillary. And no need to worry about Obama being in power, since he isn’t anymore. I understand it’s easier to talk about these cliched straw monsters under the conservative bed than the realities of 2018, but perhaps you could try…

  12. EVAN EVERHART | December 7, 2018 at 1:08 pm |

    Hi Christian,

    Not trying to stir up a debate or be a contrarian or anything like that.

    While I may have been mistaken as to the sect of Christianity to which you ascribe, I am absolutely not mistaken as to Mr. Hall. He is a noted Occult/New Age philosopher and mystic who was one of the key individuals in shaping the modern Occult/New Age movement, scriptural references and literary bonhommery aside.

    I don’t mean to preach or to harass, or to harangue, and I speak solely out of concern for you, as a fellow believer.

    Anyhow, I hope that you’re doing well, and that you are not intent upon relinquishing your leadership of either your blog or your FB Forum. Perhaps, it might be useful to re-state the circumstances required for you to retain your current position in relation to both, on both your blog, here, and on your FB Forum. Just to highlight the bar of action which must be met.

    -Sincerely Yrs,

  13. Occult, new age philosophy, and mysticism all fine by me.

  14. @JustSayin. Why are you so upset by the truth? Many Democrats didn’t want Hillary but she was the nominee nonetheless. Obama not being in power should not stop anyone from saying that he was a rotten President. Hope (the biggest cliche of them all) soon turned to despair, especially for black Americans. Saul Alinsky couldn’t teach his radical disciple to exploit his massive power and deliver social justice. Even in 2018 , the Obamas still expect to be treated like Royalty even though, in reality, they have done nothing to deserve it.

  15. @ Kenny – You know what? You’re right. How could I ever have imagined that we’re worse off today, when the global community distrusts us, our military and economic alliances are unstable, our government is racked by resignations, firings and investigations of corruption, and our environment is getting tanked by pointless policy rollbacks designed to put more money into the pockets of the Presidents’ friends. We clearly were much worse off as a productive actor on the geopolitical, check on despotism and human rights abuses, and steward of the planet. Plus, a president with no major scandals? Boring! What a loser, he couldn’t singlehandedly undo decades upon decades of entrenched racism and prejudice, even with the GOP fighting tooth and nail to kill all his initiatives! How could I have ever been so foolish. Thanks for enlightening me.

  16. Just Sayin’
    I can understand your lack of knowledge concerning the previous administration’s scandals. Mostly because the media either didn’t report them or spend much time on the scandals down playing them. The media sure knew about them, but any criticism of Obama was considered racist. The media is so inept in their zeal to attack Trump they use images of children in cages from the Obama era to attack Trump. In the Trump era it’s a scandal to use tear gas on the border, under the Obama administration it wasn’t.

    Human rights? Sending pallets of cash to the worse terrorist regime did a lot to temper their lynching homosexuals from cranes. Not to mention running guns to cartels. Nor Obama dry humping Castro or Maduro, I’m sure he got autographed copies of their books.

    Stewardship of the planet? What the Paris Accord? Google CO2 admissions of Paris Accord signatories compared to the USA. The USA continues to decrease it’s CO2, it has for a decade though private industry. It’s biggest contributor is fracking, something Obama opposed. The currant signatories of the Paris Accord haven’t decreased their carbon foot print over the last decade, but have continued to increase it never meeting their targets even as the their governments increase “green” policies. Seems talk is cheap, it only makes virtue signalers feelz good.

    Trump’s reforms have done more for America’s poor citizens than talk.

    The media’s job is to cover the news, with a pillow till it dies, especially if it reflects badly on the democrats.

  17. In times like these, I remember Proverbs 26:4 – “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.” A lot of assertions without actual evidence. Good luck with your fantasyland.

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