Associated Press: More To Come From Richard P.

If you’ve enjoyed the history of J. Press and insight on the Ivy League Look from our interview with Richard Press this week, rest assured there’ll be more to come. Richard has offered to share more anecdotes and observations in occasional guest posts for Ivy Style. Stay tuned.

He is pictured at a party at J. Press’ New York store last night, where despite retiring from menswear 15 years ago, he was the cynosure of the room for veteran salesmen, manufacturers, reporters and representatives from Onward Kashiyama.

He was especially proud to have “J. Squeezed” himself into some 20-year-old J. Press grey flannels he hadn’t worn in ages.

Welcome back to the front, Richard. — CC

4 Comments on "Associated Press: More To Come From Richard P."

  1. Ne Cede Mails, Richard!

    Looking forward to hearing more from a fellow pelican.

  2. Richard Meyer | April 1, 2011 at 3:51 pm |

    Best to my brother in Chi Phi, Richard Press.

  3. Richard Press about “Mad Men”:
    “I think where they miss the boat is the depiction of corporate dress would be quite appropriate for the Midwest, but not the East. It’s not Madison Avenue or State Street, Boston. Their dress was definitely more reflective of New England tradition”.

    Chris,you can show us how dressed the real Madison Avenue guys in early 60?

  4. Christian | April 2, 2011 at 7:51 pm |

    The back of “Take Ivy” has a few shots of men on Madison Avenue.

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