Allen Edmonds’ Scottish Herringbone Sport Coat


Given that twilight is falling on trad — and has been since the fall of the heyday in ’67 — it’s always good to have as many options as possible, however much they may deviate from the archetype.

This weekend our millennial fogey DCG informed me that he’d spied a swath of tweedy fabric amid the leather shoes and belts at Allen Edmonds. That’s right, the company has been producing a small apparel collection for some time now.

The jacket won’t be everything to everybody, because nothing ever is. But for those who can tolerate darts (I can), slightly narrow lapel (perfect), and patch breast pocket (oops, dealbreaker), you might want to check it out. The jacket is apparently made by Southwick and features a nice shoulder, according to DCG. There’s also a hook vent in the back and lapped seams. Originally priced at $595, the jacket is currently on sale for $399. — CC



5 Comments on "Allen Edmonds’ Scottish Herringbone Sport Coat"

  1. A part for darts is a sack coat.
    I my opinion slanted or curved darts could be a good comromise for a modern sack;you have that so sexy and modern shape but still a clean front.
    But ready to wear can make a good not frontal dart?

  2. They don’t make a 46 long 😛

  3. Not a fan. Italian styling.

    Scottish tweed? In recent years the Southwick cloth buyers have shown a preference for woven-in-Italy “tweed” cloth. “Tweedy fabric” is likely accurate. It ain’t Harris or Shetland. Looks like a worsted “tweedy fabric.” No thanks.

    That said, this is everywhere. It’ll go perfectly with too-tight jeans and pointy toed shoes. Or bit loafers.

  4. If I put quarters in my penny loafers, does that make them two bit loafers (and twice as good as bit loafers)?

  5. @S.E.
    How could you compare such pointy/curly objects with legendary Gucci/Alden snaffle bit loafers?
    Sacrilege, my boy, pure sacrilege!

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