Across The Pond: Brooks Dresses Kermit The Frog

Brooks Brothers has historically taken its inspiration from across the pond — England, to be precise. Now it’s looked across a smaller, home-grown pond and found an amphibian celebrity to outfit.

Today the company announced that in addition to its roster of presidents, captains of industry and rogues and gentlemen, it has now dressed a Muppet.

Brooks provided a Fitzgerald-cut dinner suit to Kermit The Frog for his latest Muppet movie, which opens November 23rd. will pay for two (2) movie passes for the cleverest amphibian-pun comment. — CC

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  1. Not exactly an amphibian pun, but Richard Press is going, “You bumped my column for this?”

  2. Won’t be very long before some self-congratulatory UK type calls CC a “muppet”….

  3. The tux looks great, but you should see the frogging on his smoking jacket.

  4. Gentlemen, the bar has been set.

  5. One Frog Can Make A Difference, Kermit’s Guide to Style

  6. So Froggin’ Cool!

  7. “Where’s my phone? Gotta give Miss Piggy a call.

  8. “Frog. Kermit Frog.”

  9. ” I look good enough to croak!”

  10. ” I’ll bet the Girls Next Door will come to my pad now!”

  11. Biologists study frogs to predict the future of our ecosystems. Gentlemen, behold the return to style.

  12. Nice tux. I’m green with envy!

  13. A frog’s legs go best with tails.

  14. “Hmmm, Piggy … why don’t you mix some drinks while I shed into something more comfortable.”

  15. What you can’t see from this picture is that the tux pants have been constructed with denim-inspired ribbits.

  16. A bit forced, but still well played Paul. I’d tried and failed to find a pun on ribbit for the headline.

  17. Kermit: “This dinner jacket fits me like a glove.”
    Puppeteer: “So do you, Kermit.”

    “Interesting… I never took you for a Brooks frog.”
    “Actually, I’m more of a Swamps and Ponds frog, but I make do.”

  18. A second BB outfit for Kermit consists of a flannel coat and a navy pinstriped cashmere scarf:

  19. Shouldn’t the jacket have frogging on it and not in it?

  20. Some great one-liners here. Consider the contest open until opening night in another couple of weeks.

  21. How about something like, “That’s one small step for Brooks, one giant leap for Kermit The Frog.”

  22. Swedish Chef | November 10, 2011 at 4:09 pm |

    Schlegeder morgen tuxenborgen de froogy gupen
    lupen der duuuuuuupen!! Heeeeee Heeee!!!!

  23. What’s green and smells like pork? Kermit’s tux. (Miss Piggy of course would make sure it looks right before he goes on stage).

  24. I told you I wanted a frog fastening on the outside of the jacket not a fascinating frog inside the jacket!

  25. I know a lot of frogs who live in Brooks.

  26. Of course green goes with black! I’ve always toad you that.

  27. You know, when you mentioned “across the pond,” for some reason I expected something a tad Polish. 😉

  28. The tux’s care label proves that it’s not easy being cleaned.

  29. Contest is open for several more weeks? I withdraw my entry.

  30. @Cristopher

    “a tad Polish” = “a tadpole”?

    On that border between stretching it and brilliant.

  31. The Green Dandy

  32. Notch lapels. How gauche.

  33. Almost forgot about this.

    The finalists were Greg, Alan, Paul, YWP and Bradford. I couldn’t decide so wrote them down and spun my pen. It ended up on Bradford. Send me an email, old sport. You’ve got a movie and popcorn for two on me.

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