A Tour Of MFIT’s “Ivy Style” With Richard Press

The Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology has released a video of Richard Press leading a tour of the “Ivy Style” exhibit. Click here to check it out. — CC

7 Comments on "A Tour Of MFIT’s “Ivy Style” With Richard Press"

  1. Great video, although, it seems like they could have turned the lights on….

  2. Mr. Press, can you elaborate on the “is he a shoe guy” comment?

  3. Bravo! Most entertaining!

  4. Shawn: take a look at “Shoe vs. Weenie” Golden Years column. Tells the whole story.

  5. For those who don’t have the time to read the whole thing:

    “Shoe bears some relation to the word chic, and when you say that a fellow is “terribly shoe” you mean that he is a crumb in the upper social crust of the college, though a more kindly metaphor might occur to you. You talk of a “shoe” fraternity or a “shoe” crowd, for example, but you can also describe a man’s manner of dress as “shoe.” “

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